It’s been a while since I’ve posted my last income update. See all of my prior income updates here.

The biggest reason for this is that I was let go from my full time job back in August and I’ve been working very diligently to move on as someone who could be 100% self employed.

I spent an entire week in September writing up my entire story and documenting my journey. I highly recommend checking it out if you want to learn more about how I earn the income shared in these reports!

I want to keep up with publishing transparent income updates so you guys can see what has been working for me. In September I also decided to invest $1600 on a pair of electric eBikes for my girlfriend and I.

I’ve also put a ton more time into freelancing on UpWork which has landed me some new client SEO deals. I’ve also put a lot more effort into creating short classes on Skillshare.

Given that it’s mid way through October I have some more exiting updates to come for the next income update I can’t wait to share with everyone.

August Income Publishing – $30 Course Sales – $27$412.78

Udemy – $544.42

Source Market$25.18

Skillshare – $798.81

Pinbot Sales – $15.79

Video Course Cash Kit $15.50

SEO Client Work – $1,958

What I spent in August

Domain Registration GoDaddy -$9.92

SEO Outsourcing -$275

UpWork Monthly Membership -$10

VPS -$8

Course Enrollment Promotion -$100

Memberhub -$267


Total Income: $3827.48

Total After Expenses: $3,157.56


September Income

Teachable Course Income – $145.89

Thrive Themes Affiliate – $90

Fiverr – $163

Source Market$8.67 – $374.99

Udemy – $854.36

Skillshare – $1039.22

Video Course Cash Kit $3.10 Publishing – $10

Scopeleads – $52

Client SEO Income – $3012


What I spent in September

Skype -$8.52

GoDaddy Domain Renewal -$17.17

VPS -$8

SEO Outsourcing -$1961.25

Pinterest Outsourcing -$75

Domain Purchase -$9.17

Content Writing -$25.63

SEO Breakthrough -$297


Total Income: $5,753.23

Total After Expenses: $3,351.49

About the Author

I'm John, I'm just an honest entrepreneur here to speak the truth about internet marketing.

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