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How I Launched a $7 eBook That Made Me $966.01

Back in 2014 I had been running a podcast for a while and learned a thing or two about using the platform Fiverr.  I decided, why not compile some of the things I’d learned into a short eBook? eBooks have been around forever in the “internet marketing” space, in fact people still give them away […]

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My 2018 Year In Review

A lot has happened since I last made an update on the blog. Despite being so behind on my income updates I’ve decided to catch up for now with more of a traditional update and the income reports will come in another post. I want to get better about updating this blog so I can continue […]

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My June Income Report

So better late than never! I’m sharing my June income update. In terms of what I’ve been working on these past couple of months I’ve tried to remain focused in 3 primary areas. -Online Courses –Evolutly (My digital marketing project management tool) -Working with existing clients Here is a brief update on what’s been happening […]

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