July has been another awesome month for me. I’ve mostly been focusing most of my time on trying to wrap up some small projects and finally clear up the bulk of my to do list.

One big thing I’ve put some time into is contemplating where I see myself in the future in terms of online marketing. I’ve come to the conclusion that I see a lot of money to be made with client SEO and this is an area I am spending a lot more time in but I’m not so sure it’s where I want to be long term.

Ultimately I’ve been trying to spend less and less time around the idea of building other people’s businesses. I want to build something for myself that will reliably bring in a healthy income month after month all while being able to do it years from now.

Google is making changes all the time and even for Local SEO guy’s like me there is a big change on the horizon in regards to how Google plans to display ads in the local 3 pack.

The things I’m loving the most right now about online marketing seem to revolve 100% around video marketing to some capacity. When I sit down and write these posts I’ve always felt as though I’m a solid writer and can churn out good content I just don’t particularly enjoy it as much as producing video. It’s much harder for me to get motivated to sit down and write a blog post then it is for me to load up Camtasia or a webcam software and just start producing.

Thinking about this more I decided to focus most of my time in a very few select areas when it comes to internet marketing:

  • Creating online courses – I really enjoy making these and doubt I will ever lose interest in teaching online. I’ve been averaging at minimum a course a week on Skillshare and recently published my 40th course there. Over the last 2 1/2 months I’ve actually produced 17 courses!
  • Building an authority YouTube Channel – I decided to pickup a universal cell phone mount and I’ve started recording tons of helpful tip style videos in my car on the daily commute. So far it’s been a ton of fun and it’s easy to do. I just imagine I’ll eventually struggle with ideas for new videos over time if it’s simply just me talking in the car. You can check out my channel here.
  • Reviewing products – This is something that will never ever go away. The products could be in the internet marketing niche or even just regular products you use every day in your life. I’ve had some success with affiliate marketing and product reviews so this is something I’ve been putting a lot more thought into. The space is somewhat crowded but seeing as I’ve been doing online courses on topics other people teach, a lot of people will simply buy from me because they are a fan of what I do, how I teach, or potentially how I review the products.

In a lot of ways the three of these connect very well together, the reviews can be used to build my YouTube channel and the courses can also be partially published on YouTube as a way to provide previews of content while also promoting them. This is where I see myself going in the future.

Accomplishments this month:

-I got my huge payout from StackCommerce from my initial bundle promotion that went live back in April. This was huge and earned me over 5k!

-I started getting more serious about YouTube and have a ton of videos up there now

-I got my first payout from Coursmos. I also had originally tried a $500 promotion with them which overall failed miserably, I’m supposed to be getting a refund for this next week.

-I got my first ever Bluehost affiliate commissions

I also just spent some time this weekend working on a new newsletter offer using Thrive Leads. You can get my 3+ hour course on how I earn online with courses which as you will see below makes up the largest portion of my income online.

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Let’s dive into the income for this month shall we?


SEO Client Work $300

Coursmos $214.24

Fiverr $234

FatJoe.co Guest Posting $30

Bluehost $165

Amazing.com $253.48

Source Market $12.49

Skillshare $921.60

Udemy $535.26

Thrive Themes $130.50

Teachable $32.42

Amazon Affiliate Income $101.42

StackCommerce $5624

Total Income: $7611.17


Articles for SEO -$25

TubeBuddy 1 Year Subscription (See my Review here) -$40.32

SEO Outsourcing -$169

Fiverr Pinterest Fee To Ana -$150

Skillshare -$15

Brandbuilders.io Monthly Fee -$100

UpWork -$10

GoDaddy Domain Renewals -$45.51

VPS -$8

Total Spent: $562.83

Net Income: $7048.34


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I'm John, I'm just an honest entrepreneur here to speak the truth about internet marketing.

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