In this Review I’m going to share my experience on ordering my first ‘done for you’ Amazon affiliate site.

I’m not a stranger by any means to Amazon affiliate websites, you can read more about how I built and teach a course on building an Amazon affiliate eCommerce store here.

Now I currently have 2 Amazon affiliate sites, one of which I reveal more or less publicly through my course content and blog and the other I try not to discuss as much for privacy reasons.

I’ve actually had situations where people have outright spammed my blog Voices Of Marketing with junk backlinks after I did written interviews with them and I’d prefer not to have something like that happen with my niche sites. I also don’t want to deal with people trying to outrank me for articles that produce income.

How I Learned About Review

I’ve done business in the past with Jon Haver of and he had mentioned having a site built through this company. Not only did he have work done by them but he is also a partner, given that I trust Jon I really didn’t feel I’d have much to lose since he had a good experience himself.

Re-Branding or Starting Over?

Now with my blog based niche site I had already invested quite a bit of time and money into the site. I bought the original design from someone with the domain for $500. I started by removing all the PLR articles on the site, adding backlinks, social profiles and lots of outsourced content.

I actually let the site sit for a while and assumed it simply was not working when after some time certain content pieces started to rank really well on Google and I regularly started earning affiliate commissions with Amazon.

The site averaged about $100/month which has been nothing to go raving about but it was 100% passive, I actually let the site sit for an entire year and it has continued to bring in an easy $100+ a month on autopilot.

Knowing that there was potential to do more I decided instead of starting over with an entirely different niche I would simply have my site re-designed with lots of fresh content. The original mobile layout was sort of half ass and barely functional so I decided to go for the middle package the has to offer. Packages

They offer 3 different packages, given that if you don’t have much a budget you are not going to really be able to pull out the big gun packages over $1500+.

I went with the $1800 package and for whatever reason assumed the $50/monthly maintenance fee included 1 PBN link a month, it’s actually 1 total PBN link. Had I known this I may have chosen to go with the smaller package and just done everything on my own. Design

Overall I am very happy with the design. They used the ‘Rise’ Theme by Thrive Themes. I’m a fan of Shane Melaugh and his Thrive Products, I even interviewed him about Hybrid Connect years ago on Voices Of Marketing.

So in my opinion this was a good theme choice, they also customized the home page layout and made it completely unique. They ended up slightly re-designing my website logo and adding lots of large thumbnail images along with an email opt-in to capture leads.

I had one minor change I wanted made on the home page and they were able to do it without any issues. Content

In terms of content it was obvious keyword research was done for many of the articles. All of them were very well written and contained plenty of good information that was actually useful. If I was a reader coming to the site I would have likely stayed on the page reading the content and feeling like I learned something new from it.

I checked some of the keywords the content appeared to be trying to rank for and in my opinion a few looked like the competition was fierce. Granted I know many of these articles could easily rank for long tail keywords and random phrases associated with each article.

They wrote a lot of review posts covering products and informational topics which in my opinion is the best way to approach niche sites.

I decided to also increase my monthly spend from $50/month to $100/month which would include an additional 1500 words of content and site maintenance every month.

I’m not so sure still how I feel about paying this amount for 1500 words but I told them I’d give it a shot for 6 months and see what the results are.

In terms of actual ‘maintenance’ I just feel like this is a buzzword thrown out to make it seem as if something needs to be done every month on the site. Beyond logging in and updating some plugins I really am not quite sure what the maintenance piece includes.

The Email Marketing Setup

They took one of the long form 2000+ word articles and turned it into a simple eBook with graphics while using this content as ‘lead bait’ to drive new sign ups. The service included installation of the opt-in forms, the eBook creation and a simple sign up with eBook delivery through an autoresponder of my choice.

I’m currently using ConvertKit so I was able to provide my login and they did the rest. Overall this went smoothly but ideally I’m going to need to turn the email setup into more of a funnel on my own.

I’ll most likely setup an automatic funnel that sends emails every 2-4 days with a new piece of content from the blog to subscribers. This way I can have a constant flow of content being delivered without the need to do manual broadcasts.

Communication & Support with

The owner of the company Andrew was available on Skype quite often. I was able to ask quite a few questions and generally get a response from him within 24 hours.

Even before placing my order I was able to discuss the project in-depth and get a full idea of what I’d be getting.

Delivery and Turn Around Time

I had some hold ups on my end due to some FTP issues with my site but overall it took a bit longer than a month to get the entire project finished. Given the amount of content and the design itself I was very happy with the overall turn around time and delivery of the finished website.

Traffic So Far

I’ve already started to notice a slight boost in traffic that the site has been generating. For the past year the site has averaged around the 900-1000 per month mark for monthly visitors.

Granted at the time of writing this, the site has only been live with the new content for about 20 days I’m already starting to see an up tick in daily traffic. The past 30 days shows an increase of about 500 visitors so the new content is clearly working to produce various long tail traffic. I’ve even already captured some leads! Vs. Competitors

I really only realized there were a few competitors after my site was almost entirely done. Most of these competitors offer solutions that are similar to the smallest package and most don’t even have package above $1000+.

Since this is such a delicate industry when it comes to privacy of the sites, it can be difficult to show real examples of sites actually earning. Andrew actually did show me a site over Skype that he flipped and sold, I saw many of the articles ranked high on Google and I could tell it was a huge traffic generation machine with all of the long tail content it had.

Here are some competing services I found and without a doubt I imagine there are many more out there:

You can go to forums such as the Warrior Forum and find people selling ‘done for you’ websites covering affiliate, Adsense and Amazon niches all day long.

Should You Buy a Done For You Amazon Affiliate Site?

done for you amazon affiliate website

I’d say this depends on where you are at in your journey. I was only willing to spend $1800 because I’ve successfully been generating a good amount of extra income from my course sales and my niche sites made me around $2000~ in 2015. It seemed logical to re-invest my money back into a site that was already profitable.

If you are completely 100% brand new to Amazon affiliates I’d recommend learning how they work before committing to a large investment such as a done for you site. This way you can start by learning what makes these sites tick and then if you decide this is a project you wish to take on you can then make the investment.

Most of these sites are not just going to magically start earning commissions and many of these service providers are going to offer a base service that may or may not get your site earning.

In my case I had a site that was already earning commissions which I knew could be taken to another level with a better design and new content.

I highly recommend learning from some of the Amazon Affiliate experts out there today, many of which offer courses on these subjects:

Doug Cunnington –

Tung Tran –

Lewis Ogden –

Charles Floate –

Chris Guthrie –

Jon Haver –

Spencer Hawes –

Matt Allen –

There are of course many other successful entrepreneurs out there who do quite well with Amazon affiliates but these guys will give you plenty of information to get started with. Several of them also offer high end premium courses on how to build profitable Amazon affiliate sites. I have Doug’s course and it’s very comprehensive.

Conclusion On My Review Review & Overview
  • 85% Service Rating - 85%

Summary is a great solution for those who are looking for ‘done for you’ Amazon Affiliate websites.

You will get a professionally branded website ready to start earning you money with the Amazon Associates program as an affiliate.

Great communication, awesome looking website, and high quality content.

Here is a video I put together covering a lot of the topics mentioned in this review and my overall thoughts:

I hope you enjoyed my Review. If you are interested in having a high quality website built that can generate passive income over time with some hard work and dedication I feel that this is a great service that is worth checking out.

There is no guarantee of making income from these sites but if you follow the best practices for doing niche research, content keyword research, fresh unique high quality content and aim to get some high quality backlinks over time there is without a doubt you can turn a website into a profit generation machine.

If you decide to buy a done for you site from you can use this link and I will make a small commission from the sale. I appreciate it, the income helps me keep this blog going and allow me to write more product reviews!

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