Here is a list of all the most common tools I am currently using in my business. I get emails regularly from people asking me what I’m currently recommending so I wanted to put this post together to share everything the best that I can.

I’m currently putting most of my effort into product creation and online courses. Despite that I do still work with some SEO clients on the side so some of the tools I’ll mention in this post relate to those services.

*Note: I am including affiliate links in this post, if you decide to pickup a tool through my link I will earn a commission and I do greatly appreciate it. 

My Blog & WordPress Websites:

Web Hosting – I currently host all of my websites and this blog with a personal friend who runs a hosting company Axcelx. He mostly deals in high end colocation hosting so for those of you are looking to start a website or blog I currently am recommended a company called Themecloud. Be sure to use my coupon code ‘JOHNSHEA’ to save 20% off your order.

Pretty Link Lite – This is a free plugin I use to mask affiliate links

Landing Pages & Sales Pages – For a lot of the product reviews I’ve been doing as well as any sales pages, video series funnels or anything in between I am using the Thrive Themes Content Builder. It’s still my #1 recommended tool due to the feature set and competitive pricing at just $67 lifetime for one site it really can’t be beat.

I’d say the next big contender would be ClickFunnels due to some of the added tracking features.  I also just put together a free course covering both of these platforms extensively, check out the Thrive Themes course here and the ClickFunnels course here.

Website Management – I am currently using Infinite WP to manage my own sites and client websites for easy updates, backups and more. Check out my course on this here.

Website Security – I use a few plugins for this, my current favorites are Wordfence and All In One Security. I cover even more tools and how I use them in this course here.

WordPress Themes – Focus Theme – This is one of the many themes offered by the Thrive Themes team, it is also the theme used on this blog. I also recommend ThemeForest – I have purchased many themes from them and have always been happy with the developers. An example includes the ‘Crazy Diamond’ theme used on my Amazon Niche site.

Email Marketing – I am currently using Active Campaign for all of my email marketing and it has some amazing features as well. I put together a video review on the ActiveCampaign platform here. You can also alternatively checkout my ConvertKit review here. 

Surveys – I am currently using Typeform for surveys and it’s an amazing tool for this. Check out my course which covers this in more detail here.

Online Course Creation

As I mentioned earlier, I am currently spending a ton of time creating online courses and here is an idea of some of the products and software I am using for course creation.

Video Recording – I am using a C920 webcam but likely will be soon upgrading to a ‘point and shoot’ Canon G7 X Mark II for doing more video on the go and likely for my course videos as well. I am also using Xsplit to record in some cases and I like it for quick video editing as well.

Screen Capture – I use Camtasia for recording my screen and it’s an awesome tool for screen capture. A cheaper solution is Screencast-o-matic who can’t afford the $200 price tag on Camtasia. You can also learn about how I use these tools in my course here.

Course Self Hosting – I have tried a ton of different platforms for online course creation, this course covers some comparisonI am using the Teachable platform to self host most of my online courses. I also use Zenler (check out my Zenler course here) and have in some cases used Thinkific.

Green Screen & Lightning – I created an extensive course on everything I’ve done for this. You can checkout a basic lighting kit here, I also recommend the Neewer lights as well.


Webinars is something new to me as of October 2016. I’ve attended so many of them over the years and now I’m finally sharing some of my own content on live webinars. I currently recommend Demio – This is my current favorite webinar platform, it’s got an awesome set of features and is very competitive on pricing. I also have been using GoToWebinar with my partner Paul James.


I have not been focused as much lately on YouTube but I am slowly gaining subscribers over on my NoShameIncome channel and this is where I post all of my product review videos and any other related internet marketing content.

TubeBuddy – This tool has saved me hours and hours of time. Check out my course on this here and learn more about TubeBuddy here. I almost solely recommend getting the pro version of this tool just for the Thumbnail generator for both my online courses and YouTube videos. I have saved SO much time using this feature.

Amazon Affiliates

Amazon Associates – I am using this platform to recommend Amazon products through my websites, blog and YouTube. You can check out my course on this here.

Done For You Amazon Niche Sites – Check out LeadsFox or for this. I also wrote up an extensive review here.

EasyAzon – My #1 Favorite way to make Amazon affiliate links, you can create just about any type of Amazon link and make it look awesome with this plugin.

Prosociate – This is my favorite ‘eCommerce’ based Amazon affiliate plugin. It works directly with WooCommerce and WordPress.


SEO Powersuite – This is my favorite ‘all in one’ SEO tool. I created an extensive review page here where I walk you through all of the tools included. Check out SEO Powersuite here.

Scopeleads – This is my favorite software for finding and emailing SEO prospects.

Outsourcing SEO – I put together a course on this which you can check out here, it covers all of the vendors and services providers I have used.

Marketers Center – This is an awesome whitelabel SEO platform you can get just about anything you need from links to citations. Use the code ‘noshameseo’ when signing up and save 5% for life on all future orders.

I also put together another short course covering even more tools, check that out here.

Invoicing & Payment Platforms

Selling Internet Marketing Products – I am currently using Jvzoo & Warriorplus for selling internet marketing based products. These are great for getting affiliates on board to help promote your products.

Invoicing Clients – I am currently using Freshbooks (Get a free 30 day trial) and really enjoy their platform for invoicing my SEO clients. I also heard Waveapps is another good free one to take a look at. I am also using GoDaddy bookkeeping for attempting to keep track of income and taxes.

Mint – I use this to get an overall picture of all my bills and where my money is across various accounts.

I know this is quite the list! Hopefully this post is useful for many of you, feel free to leave a comment below with any questions you might have.

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I'm John, I'm just an honest entrepreneur here to speak the truth about internet marketing.

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