So before you go out and buy video course cash kit I wanted to give everyone a real honest video course cash kit review and explain what you can expect when you buy it.

First off, I want to mention that I am the creator of the product. I realize many people will have both written reviews and YouTube reviews about this product live prior to the product even launching on June 19th.

This means that:

  • Most of the reviews are just using information from the sales page or JV page and they have not even seen the product yet
  • Most of the people reviewing the product are just looking to make some affiliate income with a few bonuses on the side they offer to buyers. I can’t blame them though, right?

In this post I wanted to give you an honest overview of the video course cash kit program, why I created it and who it’s for.

First Let’s Talk About My Story

If you head over to my about me page you will learn a little bit about me. I’ve been in the internet marketing space now for over 5 years and originally started my first ‘side business’ trying to do multi-level marketing which I failed at.

Over the last 5 years I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on buying courses, Warrior Forum products, and software while attempting to find some ‘secret’ way of making money on the internet.

What took me many years to realize was that:

  • There is no quick and easy shortcut to success
  • Every ‘method’ or way to make money online requires some level of effort and knowledge
  • I was spending more time learning and consuming information than actually putting it into action

One issue that has always been with me in this industry is that I am easily distracted. Seeing new products launched every day as if this new revolutionary product or software is going to be “the answer” to finally making real money on the internet.

What finally dawned on me was that it felt like constantly everyone was making money by teaching me what to do.

I literally felt like the internet marketing space was in a ‘loop’ and most people made the most money by actually telling everyone else what to do.

This is when it really hit me, would if instead of me buying product after product I start teaching other people what I learned?

I started out initially creating simple WSO products like my eBook on how to connect with your favorite entrepreneurs. The following year I found a simple method for making some side income using Fiverr by featuring written interviews on my blog. I even turned it into a product and got featured on the Mike From Maine show.

From there I teamed up with someone by the name of Vinny Bock to take an existing SEO eBook product and re-vamp it into a full blown membership website. What I quickly realized was I had no real connections for promotion and our brand new membership site sat dormant without really making all that much money.

I approached Vinny about an idea of taking our course and publishing the content on Udemy. The great thing about Udemy is that you can automatically split revenue with other instructors. We split everything 50/50 and Udemy began to market the course on our behalf essentially creating a small passive income course for the both of us.

For the first year I was on Udemy I’d make $20-50 each month and never really thought much about doing more courses. I dabbled here and there doing some basic courses until around October of 2014 I had a solid idea pop into my head.

I had been spending a significant amount of time trying to build an Amazon affiliate website eCommerce style store and learned quite a bit along the way. My idea was simple, teach others how I did it.

I wrote down my syllabus as a 6 week break down so students would have homework at the end of each week and it would be a full step by step course on how to do everything from hosting, to picking a niche, to adding products, and even getting traffic to your store.

I made the syllabus on a Friday, added the lectures into Udemy on a Saturday with my written notes, links and resources and then on a Sunday I sat in my office and recorded the videos for 5 hours straight back to back. By Monday I was able to finalize the finishing touches and launch my course.

That November Udemy ran a huge Black Friday promotion and my course made me over $800 in a single month without any of my own marketing! I was pretty excited about this to say the least. Today that one course has made me over $5000 and the most promotion I’ve ever done is sharing some free and discounted coupons on forums and Facebook groups.

Realizing how easy it was and fun for me to create courses I started spending a lot more time with it. Today in 2016 I have over 25 courses on Udemy and over 24,000 students!

Over time a lot of new platforms started coming into the course space such as Skillshare,, Courmos, ULearning, and Stacksocial just to name a few. I started moving a lot of my existing video courses into these other platforms allowing me to profit even more from my existing courses.

Today I’ve now made well over $20,000 teaching online and it’s absolutely one of my favorite things to do in my free time.

Why I Enjoy Teaching

  • I’m helping others become successful and learn new skills
  • It’s easy to do and has a low cost to get started
  • New opportunities are opening all the time as a popular course creator
  • I’m meeting lots of other online entrepreneurs who also teach

My First Big Product Launch – Video Course Cash Kit

I have known Mike Thomas of the Mike From Maine show now for several years and we have always kept in touch over the years as entrepreneurs. I watched Mike grow his business online quite substantially.

When Mike saw I was starting to have real success with online course creation he approached me with her partner Brett with the idea of creating Video Course Cash Kit to teach others how I’ve had success online teaching.

I’m excited to finally be able to share something with the internet marketing community that has worked for me as someone who struggled for a very long time trying to ‘make it work’ as an internet marketer.

Introducing Video Course Cash Kit


video course cash kit review

This product is a comprehensive video course that covers in detail exactly how I approach course creation. Specifically with marketplaces like Udemy and Skillshare which are two of the most profitable platforms for me right now.

I cover in detail:

  • Coming up with product ideas
  • What equipment you need to record
  • Publishing on the platforms and how each of them works
  • How to promote your courses successfully
  • Moving content from one platform to another to make even more profit from multiple marketplaces

I even include 2 bonus interviews:

  • I interview Howard Lynch who has created over 100 mini Skillshare classes and makes over $3000/month on the platform!
  • I interview Rob Cubbon who is a very successful Udemy instructor.

Why this an amazing opportunity for up and coming entrepreneurs or veteran internet marketers

Anyone today can take the most simple idea and turn it into a course. In video course cash kit I show you how my girlfriend Brendalyn who had never made a course in her life took a simple idea and turned it into a course.

Skillshare runs regular course challenges each month for new teachers. We took advantage of the new teacher bonus, both for creating a new class to earn $100 and an additional $100 bonus for teaching a culinary class that ran a couple months back.

Within 2 hours we were able to record a short 12 minute course that explains how to make an Apple Crisp dessert earning Brendalyn her first $200. This time also included the course description, video uploading, and everything needed to publish the course. This is the exact reason why I enjoy course creation above most other methods to make money online.

My girlfriend didn’t have a blog, she had never even visited the Warrior Forum, read about advertising or anything. We even used a cell phone to record the entire class! It couldn’t have been more easy for a beginner.

For seasoned internet marketers these opportunities are a gold mine because it’s likely you have TONS of ideas you can come up with new courses on just like I was able to. I even have a course on how to help cats get a long. You can literally teach anything on these platforms!

Despite even sometimes checking out some of the new ‘shiny object’ products coming out all of the time I still always come back to course creation because it flat out works.

Check out this overview video of the course and what’s included here:


If you are really stuck without coming up with ideas you can even teach a topic someone else has already taught. You might think, well someone already taught this so why bother?

Wrong! What I’ve found is even making a course on “How To Get Started With WordPress” was taught god knows how many times all over the internet. I still managed to get a couple hundred students into a course like this even in 2016. I realized some people simply might just prefer my teaching style and choose to learn from me over someone else. You have this same advantage yourself so use it!

Conclusion To My Video Course Cash Kit Review

Video Course Cash Kit Review
  • Video Course Cash Kit Rating


Video Course Cash Kit is your solution for learning how to profit from creating simple online video courses.

Hopefully this article has convinced you and motivated you to get out there and start creating your very first online course and you enjoyed reading my personal video course cash kit review.

You can checkout my income proof in this video here where I walk you through all the platforms I’ve earned from:


You can buy video course cash kit here.

I wish you all the best of luck with your course creation efforts and I know this could be a real game changer for many of you struggling online.

About the Author

I'm John, I'm just an honest entrepreneur here to speak the truth about internet marketing.

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