So this is my first income report here on the No Shame income blog. I’m not going to cover my basic finances this month, but I most likely will be in future months once I’ve gotten more organized.

*Some of these links are affiliate links, if you buy something I earn a commission. I appreciate any purchases made through these links

So here it is:


+$336.74 Udemy course sales

+155.63 Amazon Affiliate Sales

+$19.50 Prosociate – This is the plugin I use for my Amazon affiliate site

+$7 Fiverr Untapped – This is my own product that shows you how to make money with a simple gig on Fiverr, launched in March of 2014

+$44 Fiverr – Offering various gigs

+$120 Pinterest Social Media Management – I’ve been having my assistant Ana do work on various Pinterest accounts.

+$75CPA Elites Podcast Episode

+$86.01 – Sold a bunch of old motherboards and computer parts on eBay

Total – $821.88


-$0 Axcelx Website Hosting – Free – I am friends with the CEO!

-$15 Nutshell CRM – The CRM I use to track all of my leads and customer data for Frozen Wave Media

-$17 Long Tail Pro – The primary tool I use for keyword research.

-$49 Focus Theme – Purchased the theme for this blog

-$95 Pinterest Management – Paid to Ana for Pinterest work

Net: $667.88

I spent a lot of money this month on other random things. Mostly paying off credit cards, switching from Sprint to Verizon ran me over $700 between my recent cell phone bill and paying off the remainder of what I owed on 2 phones. I’m not including this stuff because it’s not directly related to internet stuff this month. I’m using all of the extra income to pay off some credit card debt my girlfriend and I managed to rack up when we went on vacation to California.

I’ll be more detailed on some of this stuff in future reports.

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