[GET] How I Made $2745 Giving Away Content To Black Hat Leechers - No Shame Income

[GET] How I Made $2745 Giving Away Content To Black Hat Leechers

*Update* As Of June 2016 I’ve now earned well over $20,000 with online courses combined on all the platforms I sell on!

So this will be my first actual informative blog post. You won’t find this information in your next $7 garbage WSO!

Black hat communities typically use the tag [GET] “Insert course name here” when sharing content they have stolen from others and shared all over the forums.

Now I’m not the first to admit I’ve taken some courses over the past few years. If I learn something that actually works and make me money I always make sure to pay it back in one way or another, I’d be a total leeching asshole otherwise.

I discovered an interesting way to actual share content you have created and essentially profit from it. I’m going to share that with you today in this post.

When I ran Voices Of Marketing more seriously I had run some solo ads (I’m going to post about why these are garbage later) and built a list using AdFly ads targeting people in India. Pretty much my list was made up of people who:

  • Live in foreign countries and won’t buy shit
  • People that were spammed from some affiliate offer I was trying to sell, promoting garbage like Empower Network.
  • Very few loyal fans and followers who actually emailed me personally and listened to my podcast (Not much of a buyer crowd it seemed)

I later deemed my open rates using GetResponse were so low I just cancelled my subscription altogether, mostly due to the fault of my shitty list building skills. I just never focused on it and had struggled to find a simple way to sell to a large audience. Even selling on the warrior forum never worked all that well for me.

Finding An Opportunity To Create Stuff That Would Sell Itself

I discovered a course platform called Udemy. With Udemy someone can basically teach anything they want through video and text, upload it all and sell it straight on the Udemy platform.

Why is this so awesome?

Udemy will actually promote your course for you through coupon codes and random promotions. This means you can spend more time creating the actual content rather than trying to spend all this time trying to drive customers into your courses. It’s almost like selling on Amazon or eBay, you can list an item for sale to an existing audience of buyers.

No joke I woke up this morning to like 5 emails about people who purchased a bunch of my courses without running any promotions or sharing my courses anywhere this past week. This added up to over $150 in revenue after Udemy takes a cut and supposed Udemy affiliates who are also selling my courses.

New To Udemy? Sign up with this link and get $5 free towards your first course.

Find Your Idea & Create Your Course

As I learned skills I simply applied them to course creation. Typically I can crank out an entire course in 2-3 days if I get a good idea. My Amazon affiliate course has over 5 hours of video and it only took me 2 days to complete. I spent an entire Sunday recording the videos with Camtasia and on Monday I finalized my course description, lecture descriptions and all other minimum requirements for submitting my course to Udemy.

Tip: Use DollarPhotoClub.com for Stock Images for your course, membership is cheap and they have a good selection.

Another idea is to re-purpose content, my podcasting course was simply a bunch of interviews that I took from Voices Of Marketing and made into a course. I added a few extra videos and included some other free resources found around the internet.

Create the Perception that Your Courses Are Actually Popular…

I never really had much of an audience on Voices Of Marketing and I’ve always been terrible at promotion when it comes to creating products.

So here is how I created the “perception” that my course was popular and gave people plenty of reasons to buy.

With Udemy you can create free coupon codes so I simply shared thousands of free copies of my course all over one of the most popular Black Hat forums. This website is essentially full of people who steal and share other peoples stuff. It’s actually insane how easy it is to literally steal thousands of dollars worth of content on this forum, tons of people also share the files across so many different file sharing sites that there is no way you can really stop it once a course is shared. It’s almost like a god damn virus.

So I’ve basically decided not to give a shit, people can steal my course all they want.

I created a thread with thousands of coupons available – [GET] How To Make a Passive Income Amazon Affiliate Store

This generally turned into people sharing the coupons everyone or even ripping my courses and sharing them on shady file sharing sites.

I was fine with this though, regardless I knew I’d make sales.

Over a period of a few months I’ve managed to enroll nearly 4000 students into my amazon course. All I did was ask 5-10 people for some legit reviews on the course, all 5 stars.

During November 2014 Udemy ran a promotion promoting the course for literally something like $7-10 with coupon codes and I racked up so many sales I made over $800 that month alone!

I’ve now created a total of 6 courses, 2 of which I partnered up with a couple people on.

Small Promotion, Solid Reward

I’ve now earned nearly $3k with Udemy and I didn’t even use an email list or any affiliates to promote the courses. I just created solid content and let Udemy promote it for me more or less.


Could I have made more money doing other methods?

Sure, If I ran FB ads, had a big list and did webinars and all this other stuff I possibly could have earned a lot more.

Although the beauty is I STILL have those options, I could technically rename my course to something random like “Amazon Affiliate Lab Profits” and host a landing page on another domain and sell the same content that way. This is something I’ve considered but honestly letting Udemy do the promotional work has been huge for me.

I hope you enjoyed this post, If you honestly think you have some skills just go create a course.. JUST DO IT


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