Yes, you read that right.

Women’s Clothing

A few years ago my girlfriend and I started chatting ideas for building a website together. She talked a lot about how she loves “skulls” anything and everything with skulls on them.

I took some time to do some keyword research initially. This is basically finding out what people are searching for and what’s popular, what do people actually search for on Google.

I found out over 1000 people went to Google every month and typed in “Skull Clothing”.

Knowing that Google still has some relevancy for EMD (Exact Match Domain) websites I ended up registering The .com was unavailable so .net had to make due.

I figured why not make an affiliate website selling clothes and other stuff using the Amazon affiliate program. This program allows you to let Amazon handle all of the order processing but you simply need to refer people to Amazon products.

  • I don’t need buy inventory
  • No customer interaction
  • Simply promote and get paid
  • Commissions range from 4-8% depending on many products I sell in a month

I used a combination of tools to get started:

  • Google Drive – Planning the project and putting together a task list of what I needed to do
  • WordPress + WooCommerce – I used the WooCommerce platform which is an eCommerce based WordPress extension that is 100% free.
  • Prosociate – This plugin allows you to easily add thousands of products by simply searching or adding the unique identifier for each product on Amazon.
  • High quality WordPress theme
  • Fiverr for graphics

When I first started I used a premium theme that I later realize sucked, it just didn’t promote the sites image in a good way whatsoever. The site felt stale and the whole first year I had the site built it actually ranked #1 on Google for the term ‘Skull Clothing’ but the site really looked like shit. I was not making any money with the site at all but I knew there was potential in the niche.

I decided to buy a more modern theme called Crazy Diamond found on

I revamped the entire homepage, products, categories, graphics, logo and everything with this new design. The entire design, theme cost and graphics cost me under $100.

The site started to really pickup as well over on Pinterest, where the profile now has over 6000 followers and continues to drive traffic daily.

My girlfriend mostly lost interest the first year when nothing was happening, I tried to get her back on board with the redesign but doing most of the day to day stuff like adding products and sitting at a computer in a WordPress dashboard is just not for her.

I ended up training an assistant who has been helping me with another site I had to essentially manage everything, social media and adding products to the site. We even later expanded to offering products as an Etsy affiliate. There is an unreal amount of jewelry, shirts and random clothes with skulls on them both at Amazon and Etsy.

I had some special banners done for Halloween last October and the site sold a ton of costumes, some of which almost ran close to $100~ This allowed me to pull in over $250 in Amazon commissions with absolutely no work on my behalf. I just sit back and watch payments come into my bank account monthly.

How Exactly Do You Make Money? What?

It’s simple really, once you register as an affiliate with Amazon you can use their own native links to any product or you can use tools like EasyAzon or Prosociate to do some advanced linking. When someone goes to a product page and clicks “buy” there is a tracking system Amazon uses for any purchases made under that referral link. Someone could buy a $1000 TV and you will make a solid commission on a purchase like that. I’ve had people buy all kinds of weird shit earning me commissions simply because they went to Amazon from my links.

The site now regularly pulls in $100-200 which yes… Pays My Gas Bill!

It’s not even money to go quit my job over but considering it’s VERY low maintenance I’m enjoying the extra income I pull in from the site every month.

I won’t lie, it wasn’t some project you build and get up and running in just a week. It took some solid effort and a lot of trial and error to really get the site going till it was making any money at all.

I eventually had an epiphany one day sitting at my day job and literally wrote out an entire syllabus for a course teaching EXACTLY how to make an amazon affiliate store just like the Skull clothing site.

I ended up creating this epic course using Udemy in the span of a few days, simply because I had all this information floating around in my head giving me the capability to put it together really fast. I’ve now earned almost 2 grand just from that course alone.

If you want access to the course, I’m giving readers of No Shame Income 84% off with this coupon.

Again, doing this is NOT EASY I spent months getting my store going to become profitable. What I recommend you do is use that coupon above if your serious about this idea and then start coming up with niches on Amazon you can sell on your own little niche store or website. Put 6 months of solid work into the store and watch the profits start rolling in, I cover everything in that course that you need to get going so you have absolutely no excuses.

You might even want to pick a product line that is also a higher priced niche and something you feel confident promoting. I only sold women’s clothing because I originally started this with my girlfriend, if I were to start over I’d pick a completely different niche. Either way it’s paying some bills and I can’t complain about that.


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I'm John, I'm just an honest entrepreneur here to speak the truth about internet marketing.

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