So as I expected, this past month has been very busy for me.

Unfortunately I’ve failed to maintain some of my original goals realizing that I’m in over my head with some areas.

Now all things considered, I’m still working a full time 40 hour per week job at a marketing agency. This puts a serious damper on how much I’m actually able to accomplish every week.

My regular days have consisted of the following schedule:

Monday-Friday – Wake up around 6:30am, get ready for work, feed our cats, clean the cat litter, pack food and snacks for the day and I’m out the door by 7:30am.

I arrive at work around 8am and I’ve got a 1 hour lunch break I usually take at 1pm. Usually during this time I will make any important or follow up phone calls I have, read on my cell phone or attempt to jot down things I need to get done during the week.

I usually get home around 5:30-5:45 and my nights tend to consist of me watching 1 episode of some sort of TV show on Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Video with my girlfriend. I’ll also eat dinner during this same hour.

Since I’m waking up fairly early I’m almost always getting ready to go to bed by 9:30. This gives me about 2~ hours of time to work on my extra online efforts during the week. I usually lay awake in bed with my girlfriend looking at our cell phones or potentially watching another TV show if we are in bed by 9.

Lately my online efforts have consisted of working on web design projects (I have 3 right now which are all 95% complete), uploading courses into new platforms, creating new course content, and working on SEO projects.


Lately my weekends have consisted of me leaving right from work Friday and heading to another couples place, my girlfriend and I will usually stay the night and spend the better part of Saturday hanging out either out to eat, playing video games or going somewhere fun to relax.

I try to use Sunday’s to clean the house as much as possible while also working on the remaining tasks I have for my online projects.

This past weekend we actually spent the entire weekend with this other couple and on Saturday night they stayed at our place. On Sunday instead of chilling out the entire day I would randomly play games with them on and off for an hour here and there while also doing laundry and uploading some of my courses into other platforms.

A lot of times when I hangout for extended periods of time even on the weekends I feel guilty for not having accomplished more. There was even a Saturday a couple months back where I left my girlfriend at their place, went home and spent 3 hours recording my Google My Business course on Skillshare.

Right after I went back to there place and felt a lot better for actually having some feeling of accomplishment over the weekend vs. just sitting around and playing video games for an entire day.

I don’t regret doing it one bit because that course now has close to 800 students and had aided in helping me land more SEO jobs on UpWork. Well worth it? I would say so.

6 Months Of Consistency Update

Learn more about the 6 months of consistency here.

Course Creation:

I’ve stayed on track with my course creation goals and have 2 more new courses in the works for this month. I’ve even come up with 3-4 more course ideas over the past month which I am going to attempt to implement at some point within the next 5 months if I can.

Interview Site for Businesses:

I got my business interview site up and running with a few interviews but quickly realized my cold email attempt to get more has not been working. I’ve really only tried emailing about 50~ businesses so I could push on this more but have not decided if it’s worth pursuing or not. I may remove this from the plan entirely and just focus on UpWork since I’m paying for it and it’s working.


Fitness was a total failure for May, I never even really bothered trying to do much of anything when it comes to working out and my eating habits still stayed very poor.

I decided instead of doing Xbox Fitness I’m going to give the 22 Minute Hard Corps program a shot. I started this on Monday and completed day 3 this morning. The works are really hard and go by really quickly since they are only 22 minutes long. This program is 60 days and consists of working out 6 days a week while eating healthy.

One failure here was not utilizing my free time on Sunday better to go food shopping and do meal prep for the week. Luckily my girlfriend works as a chef so she’s managed to bring home a few healthy meals I’ve been bringing to work with me and eating for dinner these past few nights.

I’m already starting to feel a lot better during the day by not consuming garbage food and waking up around 5:45 instead of 6:30 to get my workout in.


Blog posting has also been a failure, I’m basically backlogged completely and have failed to post once a week. I’d still like to do this and hope to just play catch up as much as possible.


Also a failure, I have not done anything with any new videos.

Overall I’m not dissatisfied with what I’ve been doing but I’m still finding myself eager to do more and more every day without slowing down.

Major accomplishments for May

The front end product is a 60~ lecture video course I put together on how I make money online selling courses through platforms like Udemy and Skillshare among others. It also includes full resale rights and will have other upsells buyers can take advantage of.

I’m very excited about this launch because I’ve known Mike now for several years and his recent launches have totaled $100k+ in revenue. I’ll be earning 15% of all the revenue the launch generates while Mike and his partner Brett bring all of the affiliates, do the sales page copy and all of the general promotion.

Mike has tons of connections in the internet marketing space now that he has interviewed well over 700 entrepreneurs who are mostly product creators themselves.

  • I have been doing weekly phone calls with 3 other entrepreneurs for a new membership platform we have been building out. The platform is going to be a low monthly payment where people can get access to a large library of our courses.

We plan to launch hopefully within a couple of months with 60 total courses and some additional features such as live Q&A’s, a private members forum and more. Everyone has been on the same page for the project and so far it’s been exciting to get going.

I’m eager to get this going as it will allow me to have more control over the income we can all produce without relying on course marketplaces.

  • Granted I’m working full time for an agency I still have the ability to sell and prospect. All in all I was able to upsell 2 existing clients on SEO deals. One client from $$550 to $997, another from $750 to $2500 and I also brought in my own lead through UpWork and sold them on a $2500/month SEO deal which was pretty exciting.

I also made some other small deals which consisted of signing people up for Adwords programs, upselling blog content and various services for local SEO such as citation cleanup. I still have not quite figured out how commissions will work on these deals but I believe my pay structure at my job is changing come July.

  • I have started seeing more and more opportunity with course creation and moving my existing content into other platforms. Some of which I’m trying now are Edcast, Courmos, Skillsuccess, Amazing. I also had a great month for Skillshare.
  • My niche site re-brand from is now complete and I’m very happy with the design, so far traffic is picking up and this month is off to a good start for affiliate commissions with Amazon.
  • This month my Stacksocial promo came down on revenue but I still almost hit the 4 figure mark and they recently announced a new platform called Skillwise which is going to sell each course individually. I’m excited to see what they can do with that platform.
  • I got my first ever payout from Google Adsense – Holy Crap! I’ve had this account now for like 4 years and a combination of some Android apps on Admob and a couple Adsense ads I was able to finally hit the $100 mark required to get a payout. I also enabled all of my YouTube videos for ad for monetizing.

Diving Into The Income For May:


Skillshare: $1045.66

YouTube Keyword Research Tool & PinBot Affiliate: $99.28

Udemy: $1921.05

Fiverr: $77

Fat Joe Guest Posting: $10

Guest Post on Voices Of Marketing: $20

30 Days Of Discipline Affiliate: $11.25

Arbitrage Underdog: $27.76

Local SEO: $300

Web Design Payment: $250

LinkedIn Software Affiliate: $7.19

Amazon Affiliate: $132.67

UpWork SEO Work: $111.50

Stacksocial: $893.00

Source Market Sales & Affiliate: $30.14

Google Adsense: $101.72

Total Income: $5038.22


VPS: -$8

GoDaddy Domain Renewal: -$15.17 Article Creation: $-100

Courmos CCP Program: -$500

Teachable Pro Membership: -$25 (Split 4 ways so I only paid $25)

UpWork: -$10

Long Tail Pro Platinum: -$37

Local SEO work: -$150

Spent: -$845.17

Total Net Income: $4193.05


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