As the last few months have gone by I’ve realized how every week I’m progressively doing more and more online.

What I’ve come to realize is that the pattern I’ve fallen into is very dis-organized, I have not really had a ‘plan’ in motion or a real solid idea of what I’m trying to achieve.

Each and every weekend I stress out when I try to relax with my friends because I realize how much work I could be putting into growing a business or building my income online. My to-do list has been scattered at best and I’ve been entirely all over the place.

Moving into May I’m putting an end to all of this with what I’m calling the “The 6 Months Of Consistency Plan“. I’ve developed a specific set of guidelines to follow over the next 6 months which are as follows:

-Post 1 new blog post per week on No Shame Income – This has been a complete failure since January, I’ve been wanting to build this blog and have not produced any content at all.

-Post 1 new YouTube video per week on the No Shame Income YouTube Channel – I’ve realized that YouTube is a huge opportunity, I’ve been using my primary YouTube channel as a ‘dumping ground’ for generic videos and mostly a hosting place for video content. I have not actually tried to build a following, make captivating thumbnails on my videos, encourage new subscribers or anything else.

My YouTube channel will be a combination of educational resources such as product reviews and lifestyle videos while also be entertaining and brutally honest about different subjects. My plan here is to make a video with each post.

-Workout 3x a week and lose 30-40lbsI used to be really into P90x and have completely fallen off base over the last 4-5 years with my fitness. I gained a lot of weight and completely lost sight of taking exercise and nutrition more seriously. I was recently introduced to Kinobody by Greg O’Gallagher and I’m most likely going to sign up for a gym membership and start his Warrior Shredding Program.

-Apply to 35 UpWork jobs a month – I’ve been taking a much more serious approach to client SEO work. I’m going to apply to 35 UpWork jobs each month and tally how many jobs I’ve won over the next 6 months along with how many new SEO clients I bring on. This is an area I want to spend a lot of time on as it will allow me to seriously ramp up my income.

-Email 30 Business Owners a Day – One client SEO method I really like is taking a cold approach to written interviews. I’ve done this exact method on Voices Of Marketing and it works really well. Soon I will be building a business based website for New England businesses. The idea is instead of cold emailing businesses asking to “help them with SEO” I will make it ALL about them by asking them if they would like to be interviewed in the form of a written interview. This will open doors easier, create rapport and allow me lead a conversation into helping them to market their business.

-Create 2 short classes for Udemy & Skillshare every month – I’ve already taken around 12 course ideas and built the exact syllabus and course workflow and put it into a Skillshare draft. I’ve decided to plan out the video creation of these courses by doing just 2 of them each month. Could I crank out 5 in a weekend? Sure, but this may leave me little time to complete my other tasks and that’s why I’ve put a plan in place.

Sticking To The Plan

I’ve created a Google Sheet with Google Drive that outlines exactly what I will work on each week for the next 6 months. I’m not going to share it as it would literally reveal content I’ll be publishing in October. This is going to be my tracking method to show exactly how much progress I can make over the length of the plan. I believe this will also be a huge part of my success, I already know exactly what I’m going to be working on.

Once I’ve completed the plan I’ll be sharing my progress, the good, the bad and how I performed on all of the tasks. I’ll share what worked and what didn’t along with actual backed numbers to show how much I actually got done over a 6 month period of time. I’ve also planned to create a course based around this entire concept in October based on my own personal results. I may even turn it into a combination eBook and video course.

Why I Love This Plan

Here is why I really love this whole plan:

-I will have a set goal of completing specific tasks

-If I get my tasks done each week I won’t be stressing out on the weekends when I want to relax and enjoy time off.

-The results of this plan will be completely life changing not only for my health but also my income.

-More time with my girlfriends, my friends and family.

Challenges I Will Face

-Sticking with it for the full 6 months. I’ve failed many times in the past with 90 day programs like P90X.

-Shiny objects – There are always new products, services, courses and other things coming out each and every day. One of the courses I’m putting together will also discuss how I’ve conquered this and how I deal with it on a daily basis. I’m going to stand my around and really put my all into focusing on just these action items, nothing else that will throw me off my path.

I will be posting an update on my progress with the plan 3 months from now, until then. Keep an eye on the blog for new content from me. I will be posting a massive income report update here in a couple of days.


About the Author

I'm John, I'm just an honest entrepreneur here to speak the truth about internet marketing.

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