My name is John Shea, I’m brutally honest, and I have no shame.

I’m an entrepreneur trapped living the life of a boring office employee. I’m here to break free and tell it how it is.

Myself & My Girlfriend Brenda


Where It All Started

In 2009-2010 I got hooked on the home fitness program P90X. I managed to lose a lot of weight (Over 25lbs) with the program and eventually ended up attending local fitness clubs where I would workout with other people after work. I attended an event where I ended up working out with the creator of P90X – Tony Horton and hundreds of other people outdoors.


I was so pumped up that day I decided to sign up for the Beachbody “coaching” program. I basically joined their Multi-level marketing (MLM) program where you are supposed to help others get into shape and encourage them to buy the products from you. The idea was if I could convince someone to do P90X and sell them on the program at $120 I’d make a $30 commission, the same went for supplement products such as the shake they promoted called Shakeology.

I attempted to do my very best with the opportunity and just struggled trying to recruit or really do much of anything when it came to selling the products.

How I Got Involved With Online Marketing and Blogging

It was at this time I actually started up my very first WordPress site all about fitness, at the time I knew nothing about SEO or marketing but I really enjoyed building my first real website.

I tried for 2 years to make the best of the opportunity but never really got anywhere with it. Someone who was also a fellow “Coach” got me intrigued in the idea of “blogging” and the whole “make money online” niche. This was when I discovered popular communities such as the Warrior Forum.

Around the end of 2012 I got involved in another “MLM” style blogging system called Empower Network, the idea was to recruit people to blog and upsell them on training. The more I spent time with MLM the more I despised it, mostly the types of people I would meet drove me away, my friends and family never really thought very highly of me and constantly talked about me being involved in “pyramid schemes”.

I knew I had to find a new start. For a good year I ended up trying to learn everything under the sun.. SEO, paid traffic, blogging, social media. I spent hundreds of dollars on all kinds of products and was in massive overwhelm with new “Shiny objects”. It took me a long time till I actually made my first real money online.

In 2013 I decided to start Voices Of Marketing, a podcast and interview show. I didn’t really have much of an objective besides knowing that I enjoyed connecting with people and I wanted to interview my heroes. I ended up interviewing all kinds of successful people like Pat Flynn of the Smart Passive Income, and John Lee Dumas of the Entrepreneur On Fire among tons of other really popular bloggers and marketers. I did this for around 2 years and ended up interviewing over 80 people via video/audio and publishing over 200 written interviews mostly through a gig on Fiverr.

Despite getting a good response from the small audience I had, it never really picked up or led me down any specific path to monetize my show the way I had hoped. My listener base was small, my blog traffic was slim and I just became flat out bored of doing interviews. It hit me even harder when I interviewed Srini Rao and he talked about how boring marketing interviews became for him as well.

I ended up trying to get involved with SEO, forming a company called LightningRank and another called Frozen Wave Media where I offered web design and SEO services. I really enjoy the idea of bringing in clients and selling services but got really discouraged with cold calling, I always felt like I was just scrounging for work. Even though I’m still running Frozen Wave Media today I realized I wanted to get back into the blogging world and do something much bigger!

What Am I Doing Now?

I currently work full time managing clients for a digital marketing agency.

I also make extra income by creating online courses, building Amazon affiliate sites and doing other small projects. My goal is to become financially free to spend more time enjoying life and less time working. I want to live comfortably without the need to worry about money, that is my ultimate goal.

The Time For Change, Starting Over


With Voices Of Marketing I had built something very specific, it was an interview show and that is what people knew it for. I knew that if I started a new blog I could create something that was:

  • Not boring but really entertaining
  • I could say whatever the fuck I want
  • I could write with my true personality
  • I would be able to create something unlike the typical “marketing blog” like everyone else and their mother has out there
  • I could focus on writing epic useful and entertaining content
  • Cover lifestyle topics, broadening my niche beyond just talking about “marketing”
  • Use my 5+ years of online experience to share my success and my failures. When I started Voices Of Marketing I really knew pretty much nothing!

This is how No Shame Income was born, this blog is now my central hub for all of my content.

See my Introduction post about why I started No Shame Income.

What I’m Going To Write About

I’ve really enjoyed the idea of being completely brutally honest as I possibly can when it comes to my writing. This is something I wouldn’t have ever done in the past, so this means if I decide to write a review about a marketing product and it really sucks.. I’m going to tell you that it really sucks and not hold back.

In terms of the blog itself, you will expect topics that cover:

  • Marketing
  • Reviews on marketing courses and products
  • Lifestyle topics like dating, cars, owning a home and everything in between
  • Entertainment content, anything I feel like writing about that I think is funny

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