So if you read my last post you will have seen that I’ve been totally slacking on the blog.

Today is the first day of my 6 months of consistency challenge so I’m starting the day off right with an updated income post for the last 3 months of what I’ve had going on with my income streams online. Trying to recollect everything from several months ago will be tough so I’m mostly basing these off of Paypal statements to make it as accurate as I can.


Thrive Themes Affiliate$90

Azon Store Builder (Closed) – $63.48

LinkedIn Auto Software – $7.18

Fatjoe Blog Posting – $10

Skillshare – $676.24

Fiverr – $99

Sold a Bow on eBay – $275

Udemy – $308.58

Amazon Affiliate – $100.07

Total Earned: $1629.55


Done For You Amazon Affiliate Site – $99 

VPS Hosting – $8

Best Black Hat Forum BSO – $40

PBN  Articles – $27

Udemy Course Purchase – $10

Total Net For February: $1145.55


Thrive Themes Affiliate$48.50

Linkedin Auto Software – $7.18

Fat Joe – $20

Udemy – $1800.89

ULearning – $850

Pinbot Software & YouTube Software From Ilija – $165.88

Maps Prospector$19.14

Skillshare – $875.35

Web Design – $1025

Client SEO – $500

SEO Coaching$500

Source Market Affiliate – $6.40

Misc Source Market Sales – $8

Fiverr – $51

30 Days Of Discipline Affiliate$11.25

Amazon Affiliate – $97.05

Total Earned: $5485.64


Skype – $8.52

VPS Hosting – $8

Long Tail Pro Platinum – $37

Sales Envy$97

eBay Fees – $27.50

Divi Theme – $39

UpWork Membership – $10

Local SEO Shark Course – $37

Total Net For March: $5221.62


Thrive Themes Affiliate$97

Pinbot Software & YouTube Software From Ilija – $85.26

Udemy – $1363.06

Arbitrage Underdog Affiliate$55.52

Web Design: $250

Client SEO – $300

Source Market Sales – $9.50

Amazon Affiliate – $91.82

Skillshare – $598.56

StackSocial Bundle Promotion$4731

Total Earned: $7581.72


Source Market Gigs – $20

VPS Hosting – $8

GoDaddy Domain Stuff – $13.17

Brand Builders Premium Site – $1800

Long Tail Pro Platinum – $37

SEO Gigs: $175

Skillshare Referral Incentive – $70

UpWork Membership – $10

Workout Program through KinoBody – $42.30

Total Net for April: $5406.25

What’s Good about the past 3 months?

My StackSocial bundle going live has been absolutely insane! It’s only been running Since April 12th and has already earned me almost $5k with 498 bundle packages sold! I make 50% of the profit on this promotion and so far it’s working out quite nicely. Thanks again to Greg Jeffries for introducing me to the platform.

This promotion will also run for 90 days and could very well also get extended for an entire year!

I stepped it up a bit with SEO and Web Design and brought in some extra money there.

Udemy and Skillshare have stayed strong for passive income and I even made an extra $850 for putting my courses on

What’s Bad about the past 3 months?

I decided to buy some gigs on Source Market such as a “Done For You Amazon Affiliate Store” for $99. I thought I could recommend this to my students in my Amazon affiliate course but I have yet to make any money with the platform despite the seller going above and beyond trying to help me.

I also invested in a 3 site “Done For Your Adsense” Package which also failed miserably to live up to expectations, not only me but many other refunded and has to dispute through Paypal on this. Luckily I got my money back.

Doing web design work has been tedious and I’ve decided not to work on new web sites moving forward unless I can make some serious money on them.

All in all, it’s been an amazing past 3 months!


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