Awesome, you are the Consultant!

This is one of my favorite roles and it’s currently the area I focus on quite a bit.

Typically this means you generally enjoy working with people, networking, making sales and managing clients.

This path can be very lucrative if you are good at working with people and are willing to master sales.

Why The Consultant?

I like this path a lot because the potential to grow and make income is very straight forward, you typically are offering a service to a person or business and getting paid for it.

An example might be running Facebook ads, doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or any form of digital marketing to help a business grow.

I like to focus on local SEO as a specialty because it pays well and generally I can outsource the work. More on that in a minute..

The Long Term Potential

The cool thing about consulting is you have the option of going solo (freelancing) or building a team of people if you choose to, the potential is there to build a real company and business around any type of services you are offering.

The long game would be to grow by getting new clients every month and hiring a team of employees to help your clients become successful.

If you want to learn how to really get started you should read this in-depth blog post I wrote – 7 Steps To Starting & Growing An SEO Consulting Business.

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