UpTrack Review – Track Conversions For Your Digital Products

uptrack review

What Is The Product?

uptrack review

In this UpTrack review I’m going to discuss what this product is why you might want to consider adding it to your arsenal of tools. 

UpTrack is a cloud based link cloaking software designed to track sales conversions on your products. If you are selling digital products online and using different traffic sources to send traffic to your offers you can setup different cloaking links with UpTrack to see what sources are converting the best.

UpTrack Review

Initially when logging into the dashboard you are prompted to create a primary site for your products, here is what that looks like:

uptrack dashboard

From there you will have the ability to see a main dashboard to track different traffic sources for your products:

uptrack data

The idea of this tool is to allow you to create a special unique tracking link for your product sales. You can setup different tracking links based on the source of traffic that will be going through it such as Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Emails, Blog posts and any other traffic source you might be using to push sales to your products.

As people click on the link UpTrack works it’s magic by tracking stats through a conversion pixel that is fired on the thank you page for that product.

You will see at the bottom of the page on the screenshot above that everything about the visitor data is being tracked for you. UpTrack covers the amount of visitors, number of conversions, conversion rate, cost, revenue, profits, cost per visitor, revenue per visit, customer acquisition cost, and the revenue per user.

You can really dial into your campaigns if you are for example running Facebook ads for your product. Let’s say you decide you are spending $1000 on ads and your product cost is $97, you can get a full idea of how well that ad spend is performing based on the data coming in through your UpTrack link.

This is really useful because you will know exactly how well your ad budget is performing in terms of profit. You can also see if the conversions are coming from other traffic sources or from your ads.

Most people when they launch a product have traffic coming in from all kinds of sources, you are going to talk about it on social media, run ads, send out newsletter blasts to a list and who knows how many people might link your sales page to a friend.

All of this will be tracked for you without wondering where your conversions came from.

Using Sales Funnels With UpTrack

You can even add a sales funnel for your products inside of UpTrack, this way you can see what portions of the funnel are converting and where. You simply add the funnel steps and conversion pixel on each portion of the funnel and you will be good to go.

Here is what the funnel setup looks like inside of UpTrack:

uptrack sales funnel setup

Check out my video review and walk through of the members area here:

What I Like About UpTrack

I really like that this software is a stand alone system specifically for tracking conversions. Sure, you can use the internal metrics built into platforms like Jvzoo, WarriorPlus or even 3rd party platforms like Zaxaa, Clickfunnels and others but this tool has one specific purpose and it’s simply trying to help you track those conversions on a deeper level. 

I think for anyone selling digital products online this is going to be useful for understanding exactly what’s working for you when you are selling your products online.

Here is a general list of what I liked:

  • UpTrack SaaS based and it’s all in the cloud, no downloading software
  • It’s simple to setup campaigns and start building your cloaking links
  • Easily integrated with other platforms, simple add the conversion tracking to your thank you pages
  • Track single products and sales funnels
  • Integrated A/B split testing for your campaigns
  • Affordable price and one time fee
  • Finally this is an important aspect of digital sales – tracking what’s working for your traffic sources and that’s exactly what this tool does

What I Didn’t Like About UpTrack

During my initial test I found some errors and the site was down for me a couple times, this is scary to think I could be sending paid traffic through these links and having something be down or not working. I talked with Jon, one of the launch partners and he let me know the server had recently been moved and for my final review video everything was fast and loaded without any issues for me. 

I didn’t see any tutorials within the software itself but I’d imagine on launch day they will clarify this through help guides or videos. I could see this being a bit confusing for someone just diving in without understanding how to use the software.

Overall I really like the software and see how I could use it for future product sales.

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