The Hoth Review 2017 – Outsource Your SEO Services

the hoth review 2017

What Is The Product?

The Hoth is an SEO service provider that is designed to offer whitelabel SEO solutions to re-sellers such as agencies or consultants providing SEO services. They offer services such as link building,
blog posting, guest posts, press releases, local SEO citation work, on-page SEO and much more. 

the hoth review 2017

The Hoth Review 2017

Overall the Hoth offers a wide range of services to pick from. There isn’t much that they don’t offer when it comes to getting your SEO campaign off the ground. You can even setup a 1 on 1 consultation call with them to discuss your needs and the keywords you are going after. They will even assign an account manager to you if you are going to be ordering the services regularly and need help.

I’ve spoken with the folks at the Hoth at least 2 or 3 times now and every time I had questions they were very helpful about making suggestions based on my needs.


Here is the dashboard showing all of the different services they provide:

the hoth services

the hoth services

In terms of the services I’ve personally used, I have tried out both the Hoth primary service which is a tiered link building solution. You provide your keywords, anchor text and let them know how many links and the type of quality you want to get your order going.

I was pretty satisfied with the work done. It’s mostly a simple Web 2.0 setup where they will build free blogs with high quality content on these Web 2.0 sites for your niche and then link into those properties from 2nd tier links such as social bookmarks to boost them up. The Web 2.0 links then link back to your primary site giving that a boost.

Here is a basic run down of how that looks:

the hoth link building strategy

I didn’t notice any massive increases in terms of using this service but it’s a great addition to some higher powered links you might get from guest posts or otherwise. It’s more or less giving you a nice way to add a good mix of links to your site to keep things going strong long term.

I also can highly vouch for their local citation clean up service. I have tried many other service providers to help with this one single solution and most of them under-performed. The reason I like the Hoth for citation clean up is because they have an established relationship with many of the data aggregators and citation sources to get these listings cleaned up.

Just ordering this service alone for one of my clients I saw an immediate boost in the rankings in the local map pack. The reason for this being that they were using tracking lines all over a lot of the citation sources which mean’t a big inconsistency issue across many sites which in turn mean’t lower rankings.

Check out my video review and walk through of the the Hoth dashboard here:

What I Like About The Hoth

There is a lot to like about the Hoth! I have been a customer now for a few years and from my experience working with them and ordering services I’ve never had anything be late or have any issues contacting support when I needed to ask a question.

Here is a break down of the positive things I like about the Hoth:

  • Wide range of SEO services offered from local SEO to guest posting
  • Custom order dashboard to track orders and download reports
  • 100% whitelabeled SEO which means you can order for your clients and not need to worry about any kind of branding issues
  • Free consultation help
  • Account manager
  • Bulk buyer 12.5% discount for those who are ordering in bulk – I highly recommend signing up for this!
  • They sent me a bunch of swag after placing a few orders. I got a t-shirt, mug, stickers and I’ve even receive personal thank you cards in the mail from them!

What I Don’t Like About The Hoth

The biggest thing I’d say overall about the Hoth is that some of the services are on the pricey side. The on-page SEO and blog content services are quite expensive given what they are. I mean, I found a really good writer on Fiverr that runs me $5 and can pretty much write about any subject on anything I want so I can’t ever see myself paying $70 for a blog article. 

The Hoth Bonus – Client SEO Course

If you sign up for the Hoth using my affiliate link here and order some services from them contact me and I will throw you a free coupon code for my client SEO course.

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