Awesome, you are the Blogger!

A blog is perfect for sharing content about something you are passionate about while also giving you the ability to monetize long term.

Why Build a Blog?

Typically a blog is a great “hub” or what I’d consider a “home base” for most of what I do online. It could be considered part of the “Core Fundamentals” but it’s not required to start your journey as an entrepreneur.

When I first got started with an online business I built my very first website in WordPress. It took me some time to learn at first but before I knew it I was making blog posts, YouTube videos and sharing all kinds of cool stuff.

This led me down the path of eventually learning more about SEO and other internet marketing topics.

If you took the quiz and ended up getting the highest result in the blogger category you may want to consider going with your 2nd highest result to supplement your blog.

This might be learning about technical SEO or maybe affiliate marketing, since really the blog is a great place to get started with all of these paths.

You are reading this very post on my blog for my business, I use it as a central resource to build my audience by getting them to subscribe to my email list.

I also like to share monthly income reports with my readers among other useful content such as product reviews, online courses and whatever else I feel like sharing.

Here Is How To Get Started Blogging

First you will be a web hosting provider to host your website files and allow you to install WordPress (the platform your site will run on).

I recommend using a company called – You can sign up for a free 48 hour trial and if you use the coupon code ‘JOHNSHEA30‘ you will save 30% on any monthly or yearly hosting plan.

Next enroll in my free WordPress tutorial course, this will get you started on the right path to installing WordPress and understanding how to use it.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be sending you some more information on how you can grow your blog and where you can learn more.