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Introduction To The Course

Introduction To The Program - What To Expect

Welcome to this course presented by John Shea. We will be walking you through step by step how to use AI to build content you can sell as a service for local businesses.

We will then show you how to automate all the time consuming tasks, bring on help and scale this over and over again with multiple clients.

In addition you will learn how to combine this with our project management software Evolutly to help you manage all of your client campaigns. 

Execute Your AI Machine

Understanding The Potential of AI

Here we talk about how AI works, the potential of using it and why this is going to be to our advantage in a big way. 

GPT 4 Vs GPT 3.5

In this video I'll show you some of the main differences between GPT4 vs GPT 3.5. I highly recommend the paid version of ChatGPT but it is not required. 

Building a Content Machine

In this video I'll show you how to use ChatGPT to crank out content at scale

Delivering Content

Here I will show you you can go about delivering content using Google Drive. 

Using Evolutly To Manage Your AI Machine

Using Your AI Machine + Evolutly For Client Work

In this final video I'll introduce you to our project management tool Evolutly and how you can combine this with AI to manage client projects. 

Understanding Clients & Campaigns

Here I'll show you how to work with clients and campaigns within Evolutly. 

Forms & Onboarding

Here I'll show you how to use the onboarding and forms functionality to help you organize onboarding new clients with Evolutly. 

Uploading Files & Managing People

Here I'll show you how to use the file upload feature and the people functionality for adding clients and team members into Evolutly. 

Copy Our Template Into Your Account

You can copy our template into your account with this import code:


Acquiring Clients To Build Recurring Revenue

My #1 Source For Client Acquisition

Freelancing Sites such as UpWork have been one of my #1 ways to find new clients. You can access my freelance mastery course right here. 

The Pay It Forward Method

Here I show you how to implement my Pay It Forward method strategy for any new prospects you are working with. 

What To Charge & Working With Clients

In this video I discuss working with clients long term and what to charge for your services. 

Take Out The Tedious Tasks With Virtual Assistants

Understanding UpWork

In this video I cover the basics of the freelance plat UpWork and what to expect using it

How Hiring Works On UpWork

In this video I discuss how the hiring process works on UpWork and what to expect when you start building out a team to help you fulfill your services. 

Posting Your Job Description

Here I show you how to go about posting a job description. Go here to see a sample doc where I share some examples with you. 

Managing Your Virtual Assistant

In this lesson I walk you through how to go about managing your virtual assistant. This is where you can use Evolutly to manage all your tasks and keep an eye on progress for each client. 

Additional Services You Can Offer

Email Copywriting

Here I share an example of how you could use AI to offer email copywriting services. For a long time I helped other affiliate marketers promote software with email marketing.

This is a nice way to earn income by simply creating emails with AI. 

Short Form Video Content

Another service you can offer to clients is to help edit short form video content. You can use tools like Submagic to do this for them and simply sell the videos with captions already on them. 

Perfect for social media. 

Cloning a Voice For You Or Clients

Another "Out of the box" strategy would be to take a voice over from a client, upload it into Eleven Labs and then use this to create content on their behalf.

Combine this with Chat GPT, and Submagic you could create video content on behalf of clients. 

Additionally another tool worth looking at is Blaze AI to integrate all of these together.

Your Downloads & Bonus Links

Here are some of the bonuses we included with the program

Our Project Management Tool Evolutly

Freelance Client Mastery Program

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