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Stream Store Review – Amazon Affiliate Website Builder

Stream store review

What Is The Product?

In this Stream Store Review I’m going to walk you through exactly what this software does and why you should consider it if you are building an Amazon affiliate webstore.

Stream Store is a WordPress theme that allows you to quickly and easily build your own eCommerce based shop using products from You simply get people to buy through your website and you will earn a commission on every sale using your own unique affiliate link. 

*Update For 2018*

Due to issues people have had setting up this plugin, getting a hold of support and other complaints I’ve seen about Streamstore I am currently recommending a plugin called ShopAzon as an alternative which you can learn about here.

Stream Store Review

Overall this product is a really simple “done for you” method for getting an Amazon affiliate store up and running. In the past most store builders generally have you adding products one by one and trying to do all the design work on your own. 

You also usually need to incorporate a professional theme in addition to the actual plugin needed to import products from Amazon. There are both advantages and disadvantages to this and I will outline them later in this post.

My Demo site running a camera based layout:

stream store demo

Stream Store is a very fast solution for starting up a store. You get a high quality design right out of the box that is simple to modify within the WordPress dashboard, you can customize everything from colors to fonts and beyond:

stream store options


They also have a simple “Quick Start” system that will have your store up and running within literally seconds. The products are pulled based on the provided keywords and Amazon categories you select.

Stream store quick start

I found the setup process and customization to be very straight forward. The theme is highly focused on the idea of seeking out discounts for products. Everything is also refreshed live and updated on the fly based on the keywords you provided.

Each product page also includes product images, the product description, and all of the Amazon reviews for that product all on the same page.

Most of the front page layout uses banner images to indicate that the products are all available on Amazon for sale adding a nice trust factor to your store.

I believe all in all this is a really great “fast” WordPress based solution for getting your store up and running without any issues. If you don’t feel the need to be customizing themes, picking unique products and trying to build a fancy looking site Stream Store is really going to get it all done for you with ease.

Want to see my demo site? Check it out here

Check out my video review and walk through of the plugin here:

What I Like About Stream Store

It fills the need to simply get a nicely designed Amazon affiliate store built in a flash. A lot of people may not want to spend hours designing a site and they want something that looks good right out of the gate. I’ve found solutions like Fresh Store Builder offer a nice “builder” but lack in design qualities where as most Amazon affiliate store plugins simply allow you to add products and have zero focus on design.

Stream Store takes the power of a CMS like WordPress and combines it with an easy quick start setup so you don’t need to spend hours trying to build out a nice looking site. I recommend it for those that want this type of solution and don’t care much about the products appearing on the site vs. being able to pick your own and customize product pages.

They also provide a full training area on how to set everything up as well as many additional upsell products such as a developer license to re-sell the plugin, additional design layouts, a viral sharing plugin and much more.

What I Didn’t Like About Stream Store

The biggest thing I personally was not a fan of is the the lack of ability to add products based on an Amazon ASIN into the store. There are some good and bad reasons to this though.

Some people just want a store with products in a specific niche and don’t care about what those products are. It’s very time consuming to “hand pick” products simply searching around Amazon where as with Stream Store you can enter a keyword like “digital camera” and have a store ready to go filled with products you can start promoting. So depending on what you want to do this may be a preference for many of you, I just wish they included the option for both.

There are tons of upsells (one time offers) in this product ranging from $30-67 depending on what you want. This is pretty common with most products but I found some of the “bonuses” that were included on the upsells to be a bit overwhelming. Lots of extra plugins and software without much detail on exactly what they would do for me, bonuses are cool but I could see how many people might be wondering where to start with everything being handed to them.

  • 8/10
    Stream Store Review - 8.0/10


Stream Store is a Wordpress theme that allows you to quickly and easily build your own eCommerce based shop using products from You simply get people to buy through your website and you will earn a commission on every sale using your own unique affiliate link.

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