What Is The Product?

Review Wizard is a WordPress plugin that simply allows you add product review information to your WordPress posts. You can use the plugin to add user ratings, rate based on different criteria review wizard reviewsuch as price, concept, execution and the value of the product. 

Review Wizard Review

Overall this product is a solid piece of software for those that are interested in reviewing any kind of products online. The creator of the plugin, Brett Rutecky has earned thousands online simply by writing reviews about products in the internet marketing space. 

The concept is simple:

  1. You build a WordPress based blog
  2. Find a high quality product to promote
  3. Get approved as an affiliate for promoting the product, this means you can earn a commission recommending it to others (the same thing I’m doing in this post!)
  4. Write a compelling and honest review of the product that is roughly 500-1000 words.
  5. Promote the review to your social media pages and email list
  6. Include some bonuses that help your offer stand out from others selling it as an affiliate

Here is a screenshot of how the plugin looks on Brett’s site with a recent product review he did:


Here is what the plugin looks like installed in WordPress:


Here is a sample of the training inside the members area:


Check out my video review and walk through of the members area here:

What I Like About Review Wizard

I like the idea of product reviews, it’s nothing new specifically but this plugin adds some nice extra features to a given blog post. I know that this is also a proven method to make money online. People like Brett and Mike Thomas have been doing this for many years and it works wonders. I’ve personally made thousands myself by simply reviewing products and sharing what I do and don’t like about them.

The plugin comes with some basic training which is a non-fluff approach to starting your blog and building an affiliate marketing business by writing reviews just as Brett has done. He even includes an upsell which has additional training on how he ranks his reviews on the first page of Google.

You can customize the types of criteria being made, colors, add a call to action bar and even add in SEO keywords and meta data.

What I Didn’t Like About Review Wizard

I seem to have a plugin conflict with Yoast SEO being installed on my blog and it actually embeds the review portion into the site twice, once in the header and again in the body of my blog. This is somewhat of an issue for me as I don’t really want to remove Yoast. I’m hoping this is something simple Brett can fix, possibly by just providing an option to remove the SEO functionality from his plugin.

The schema markup features are only included with the pro version of the plugin, there are TONS of review plugins out there that have this feature and many of them are in the $30~ price range. I think it would have been better to include this in the base version.

I wish you could add more than one criteria for the pros and cons, I know with Brett’s reviews he typically does a single pro and single con but it would be nice to have the ability to add as many as you want.

Not a deal breaker but I also think it would have been cool to see the option to show the review information at either the top or bottom of the site or perhaps allow it to be embedded with a short code functionality, by default it shows right at the top of your post.

  • 7/10
    Review Wizard Review - 7/10


Overall this product is a solid piece of software for those that are interested in reviewing any kind of products online. The creator of the plugin, Brett Rutecky has earned thousands online simply by writing reviews about products in the internet marketing space.

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