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Pay Per Call Exposed Review – Make Money Online As a Pay Per Call Affiliate

What Is The Product?

In this Pay Per Call Exposed review I’m going to break down what the membership is all about. Pay Per Call Exposed is a website and membership product designed to show you how to start your own Pay Per Call affiliate business. 

Pay Per Call Exposed Review


I had noticed a lot of SEO guys I follow recently promoting some “Pay Per Call” webinars so I started reading more into this business model. I’ve been feeling a bit discouraged lately over local SEO due to some clients leaving after 1-2 months and barely giving me enough time to show actual results with SEO. Some of the clients I have are great but I wanted to learn this skill as something else I could potentially start offering as a service. 

A lot of people do realize it’s a long game but at the same time it’s hard enough as it is to convince a business owner to work with you on SEO so losing a client can be a big blow.

I wanted to look into Pay Per Call because I realize after working with many businesses over the years, people really only want phone calls. I realized that if I could master paid advertising to drive phone calls, I could either charge business owners for these calls or simply sign up with an affiliate network like Ring Partner to get paid directly for calls.


ring partner affiliate

I started watching a lot of content Raj had on his YouTube channel and reading his blog posts. You can see his earnings proof in this video:

After reading through a lot of his free content and watching some of his videos I decided to pickup his course and go through it entirely in a sitting, this roughly took me about 4 hours without actually implementing anything.

The course is made of all text based tutorials and lots of photos. After going through it I felt like nothing was left out and I knew exactly what I needed to do in order to start setting up my Pay Per Call campaigns.

I managed to apply to Ring Partner and get approved after making a quick phone call. I then built out my first landing page following Raj’s advice and recommendations and get approved for a concrete and foundation offer. The reason I went with this offer was that I also have a business in this niche I’m speaking with who expressed some interest in getting calls I could send him he would gladly pay for if the quality was good. Ring Partner would just be a ‘backup’ in a sense and I could likely charge the business owner a lot more per call. I’d also have the option of getting into a wide range of offers in various niches.

I found that browsing the forums on to be very minimal in terms of discussion on Pay Per Call vs. other affiliate topics. If you look around YouTube you will quickly see not a whole lot of people are talking about Pay Per Call marketing outside of some affiliate networks and people like Raj doing it.


I did read up on the ultimate guide that Brent over at wrote up which was a great read in addition to Raj’s course.

Check out my video review and walk through of the Pay Per Call Exposed members area here:

What I Like About Pay Per Call Exposed

Overall Raj’s course covered everything you really need to know to get going with Pay Per Call:

  • Setting up landing pages
  • Applying to affiliate networks
  • Running ads and getting good conversions
  • Unique tricks to get higher conversions and high quality scores with your ads
  • A ‘done for you’ landing page you can copy and paste with a theme he recommends
  • Tips for getting higher payouts with affiliate networks
  • Other ways to generate calls outside of paid advertising
  • Tons more on setting up your PPCall campaigns

Last but not least Raj offers unlimited email support for those who need help. He’s already answered a lot of my questions and has been very helpful providing feedback on what I’ve done so far.

What I Didn’t Like About Pay Per Call Exposed

The biggest thing I wished Raj had implemented was some video tutorials of actually setting up a campaign and perhaps covering other things like building the landing page. There are tons of screenshots explaining everything in great detail which was enough, I just find that video tutorials for something like this would have been very helpful.

He does offer a ‘done for you’ coaching service and campaign review but both of these are currently not open for new students. 

Conclusion To My Pay Per Call Exposed Review

  • 9/10
    Pay Per Call Exposed - 9/10


Pay Per Call Exposed is a website and membership product designed to show you how to start your own Pay Per Call affiliate business.

In terms of following this course, it may not entirely cater to total newbies as you will need to spend some time learning how to setup a WordPress site (I have a free course here), Adwords campaigns, applying to an affiliate network, and spending a good amount of money on ads for testing (Raj recommends $30-50/day to start).

It most certainly is a business model though and not some quick ‘method’ to making money online. This is why I can 100% recommend this course.

If you are willing to put the work in learning these concepts, it will likely be skills you can use down the road for other things as well.

If you put the time and effort into getting a working campaign, as Raj states it can become a ‘set it and forget it’ type of model. You can then rinse and repeat in other industries and go from there. You also have the choice of going with one of many pay per call affiliate networks or straight up selling the calls to local businesses.

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