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Feelsocial Review – Automate Facebook Messenger

feelsocial review

What Is The Product?

In this Feelsocial review I’m going to share with you why this is an incredibly powerful tool for online marketing and beyond. Feelsocial allows you to connect your Facebook fan pages and instantly automate interaction made with your fans using Facebook Messenger. 

FeelSocial Review

I had the opportunity to go through the software and training and the concept is pretty straight forward.

You sync up your Facebook profile, setup a new campaign for a specific fan page and build your first automation.

feelsocial dashboard

I run a fan page with around 2500 likes in the music community. I typically get messages all the time from bands asking me to share their music video and most of the time I just don’t have a ton of time to respond.

I decided to setup a basic automation where the ‘welcome’ message was to say hello and then ask to share the videos over on my website through a form submission. This is just a quick and easy example of how this software works.

You can also incorporate various extras like a call to action or embedded link that will show up as a button. You can even include variables such as first name, last name and the current date.

The idea of the software is to build your following either through users who comment on your page or send you messages. From there you can start interacting with them through the automatic messaging and send broadcast messages directly to their inbox.

This is VERY powerful for sending people offers and other information about your products and services. Once you get those messages the users will also become “leads” inside of the analytics section of the software, you can even track how many people open your broadcasts.

The software comes with extensive training and was well put together, it didn’t take me long to figure out how to use the software and test it out myself.

Check out my video review and walk through of FeelSocial here:

What I Like About FeelSocial

This is definitely something new and unique, if you have a growing fan page or plan to build one I seriously recommend picking this tool up. You can automatically send welcome messages and follow up messages based on specific keywords/phrases. It’s very powerful if used correctly and I could see this doing really well for major brands that get lots of fan page interaction.

As a marketer you could use this as a tool to promote your own products and services over time.

Here is a general list of the features (and I’m probably missing some)

  • Send welcome messages to your Facebook fans
  • Use dynamic variables to get more personal
  • Follow up with messages based on specific keywords and phrases – Ask a question and follow up based on a yes or no answer for example.
  • Send broadcasts to all of your fans that have interacted with you, they will land directly in their inbox!
  • Schedule broadcasts and create templates you can use for future use
  • Embed a messenger button on your website to build up your FeelSocial leads
  • Good training videos

What I Didn’t Like About FeelSocial

I really like this tool and for what it does, it’s absolutely awesome. The only downside is you can’t interact with existing fans or people whom have messaged you before. The features only work for new messages sent to your fan pages that you’ve connected with FeelSocial. 

I can see why this is the case but it really does make you feel like you are “starting over”. I have tons of messages on my music page and it would be nice to send them all a broadcast but unfortunately unless they message me again from here on out I won’t be able to do that. It’s not a huge deal as I realize having this tool setup and running for life will pay off in the long term and save me time.

As a tool for marketers it’s a very powerful way to get 100% delivery rate right into a Facebook inbox which is MUCH more powerful than email these days now that Facebook pops up notifications and makes it hard to miss.

  • 9/10
    - 9.0/10


Feelsocial allows you to connect your Facebook fan pages and instantly automate interaction made with your fans using Facebook Messenger.

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