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In this Fatjoe.co review I wanted to share some of my thoughts on the service as both a buyer and a publisher focused on the link building service. Fatjoe offers a wide range of services mostly catered towards SEO agencies and consultants. They offer a premium link building service, local citations, press releases as well as content writing and infographic creation.

FatJoe.co Review

This is one of those services I see a lot of people “wonder” about on forums and in Facebook groups. Given that many SEO folks these days are using the power of expired domains to build PBN’s (Private Blog Networks) many people are trying to make sure they get high quality links from websites that won’t get their websites penalized by Google.

FatJoe offers link building starting at around $60 for a DA 10 + site. DA aka Domain Authority is a metric SEO folks use to determine the authority of a given domain. Basically the higher the DA the more powerful the domain is, getting links from high DA sites will be really beneficial for your SEO campaigns.

Prices increase to around $90 for a DA 20+ and $120 for a DA 30+ link.

Getting started with the platform is simple, you just register for an account and place your order. They ask for the destination URL and anchor text (highlighted link text) for your links and that’s it. They generally estimate as much as a 3 week turn around to have all the links go live, you do not need to write any content yourself and they will handle all the outreach and link placement.

When the order is complete you can login to your dashboard and get a full breakdown of the DA metrics you ordered, the word count, anchor text, target URL, where your blog article was placed, and what the DA of the site was.

Checkout my full video review here:

Here is an example screenshot from my dashboard:

fatjoe review

The great thing I noticed from the orders I did place was that some of my links were placed on DA 20+ sites even though I only ordered DA 10+. Obviously they will try to get the links placed on relevant sites and the articles at very minimum will attempt to be related to the subject matter in question.

I noticed a lot of the blogs were “personal” websites from either casual bloggers or generic sites such as a magazine site. You can visibly see the sites likely don’t get floods of traffic but are actual real sites run by real people.

From a Publisher Stand Point

Not only have I ordered articles from Fatjoe.co for myself but I am also a “publisher” who posts articles for others who order from them. I use my site Voices Of Marketing for this which I’ve sort of abandon in a sense. It is a very REAL website as it has a ton of interviews and podcast episodes from when I was actively podcasting years ago.

The FatJoe team simply approached me with an offer to pay me for each blog post they publish. All of the content has been related to “marketing” and I’ve never seen anything come through that looks like garbage. They also internally link newer posts to older ones they have published as well as link to authority websites within each post. Sometimes the content they are trying to rank is not a direct match for my site which is to be expected.

Overall I’ve been very happy working with their team and have never had any issues getting paid for assisting as a publisher.

What I Like About FatJoe.co

The service is very easy to use, I really like the live dashboard and I feel more confident ordering links from a company like this vs heading over to somewhere like Black Hat World where It’s unknown what you will really get. I like that despite ordering a lower quality link they gave me links on the more expensive DA 20+ sites from my 5 site order. Overall it’s been a good service to work with and I would recommend them for anyone looking to speed up their link building outreach process without all the hassle of manual outreach.

What I Don’t Like About FatJoe.co

On my very first order I remember shortly after finding that the website went down and was later re-built and almost appeared as though it was a PBN of some kind. I couldn’t 100% confirm that but then again, these days if you are building a high quality PBN you shouldn’t be able to tell the difference 🙂

One of my SEO clients also claimed many of the sites were low quality in terms of traffic and authority which more or less had them lose confidence in my “link building skills” I charged the client $1300 and ordered around $300 in links from Fatjoe.co among a couple other providers equaling out to about $600 in links. Unfortunately the other links I ordered were ‘hidden’ from me for privacy reasons and the Fatjoe links didn’t impress the client so I lost them after month 1.

This was not Fatjoe’s fault but I think the client just demanded way too much for what they were paying.

Final Thoughts

  • 9/10
    Fatjoe.co Review - 9/10


Fatjoe offers a wide range of services mostly catered towards SEO agencies and consultants. They offer a premium link building service, local citations, press releases as well as content writing and infographic creation.

Overall Fatjoe.co offers some great services and I think for those seeking link building services you won’t be disappointed with their links. As a publisher myself I know that my site is a high quality website people will visit and feel like that got a nice high quality link. From what I’ve seen from my personal orders, a lot of the other websites are very similar in terms of being very “real” websites owned by actual people.

Would I recommend them for link building? Yes, they are definitely worth utilizing as another source to speed up your outreach and link building campaigns.


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