Arbitrage Underdog has actually been out for several years now but I’ve never written an official review about it. The software really deserves some praise so I wanted to write this updated Arbitrage Underdog review for 2015.

What is Arbitrage Underdog?

arbitrage underdog review

Most marketers at this point are very familiar with the website Fiverr where you can buy and sell services for only $5. You can have just about anything done on Fiverr including logos, article writing, audio voice overs and tons more.

A lot of us are also well aware of Craigslist and how powerful it can be for finding a job, small work, a car etc.

Arbitrage Underdog has a built in search for both Fiverr & Craigslist.

You can quickly filter for a specific state, the gig section of Craigslist and search for “logo design”. In most states you will get some results and a lot of buyers willing to pay top dollar for these types of services.

In the other portion of Arbitrage Underdog you can quickly search Fiverr for gigs offering logo design services for just $5.

To give you a more realistic example, you might find a buyer willing to pay $150 for a logo. You can them some samples from a Fiverr gig, coordinate the work and then hire the Fiverr seller through their gig. This way you become the middle man and simply pay $5 for the logo earning $145 from the Craigslist buyer. This is why the software includes “arbitrage” in the name because this is technically what you are doing.

How I made $700 with Arbitrage Underdog

When I first tried out this tool I was searching around for terms like “WordPress” and “website” in Texas and I came across someone looking for help selling a lead generation site they owned in the fencing niche, a very expensive lucrative niche might I add. I contacted the person through the ad and we came up with a deal where he would pay me a % of the sale of this website.

It was perfect for other companies that sold fences in Texas, these were typically jobs that would be thousands of dollars. All the buyer had to do was change the phone number on the site and watch the phone calls roll in with new work.

I made a list on my lunch break one day consisting of about 10 Fence companies in the local area and called them all up asking if they were interested in a website in their niche to bring in extra business. I ended up finding a buyer who had his own site that was basically buried in the Google search results, the guy was not going to be getting any business any time soon with the way his search presence was looking.

He ended up jumping on a 3 way call with me and the seller, and he agreed to pay $2000 in multiple increments which all in all totaled to me earning $700 in commission from this ordeal!

AU allowed me to quickly find the work which I would not have done even with native Craigslist search and then I took it from there.

I’ve also done the logo arbitrage and made around $100~ doing this same method.

What is the Black Label Edition of Arbitrage Underdog?

The creators of AU, Tom and Chad have been very diligent about upgrading the software over the years. In the fully upgraded “Black Label” edition of the software you can search not only on Craigslist but multiple other sites as well such as,, Upwork (Formerly oDesk), Elance, Job Seeker and a few others.

The possibilities for finding work and outsourcing the work on Fiverr are endless.

Features of Arbitrage Underdog

  • Built in ultra fast search for Craigslist & Fiverr as well as many others marketplaces such as Upwork and Indeed
  • Built in email templates for emailing people on Craigslist
  • Open marketplaces within the tool natively
  • Awesome support
Arbitrage Underdog Reloaded Review
  • Arbitrage Underdog Review


Arbitrage Underdog is an amazing piece of software for newbies and veterans alike.

I highly recommend it for those that are interested in arbitrage and outsourcing. I give it a 5 out of 5 stars.

You can purchase Arbitrage Underdog Reloaded Here.

Check out my full walk through and Arbitrage Underdog Review Video

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