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amazing.com review

In this Amazing.com review I’m going to walk you through what the platform is and why you should consider checking out the membership.

Amazing.com is a membership community mostly offering business and entrepreneurship online courses focused on selling on Amazon.com. There are over 200+ courses and 15,000+ students currently part of the community. 

*Update October 2017*

I’ve decided to drop my review for Amazing.com down to a 3.5 from an 8.5 and I’m going to tell you why here in this quick update.

First there are a few main reasons why I’ve changed the rating.

  1. The prices more than doubled since I originally wrote this post in February going from $39/month to $99/month.
  2. The bulk of the classes could likely be found elsewhere for a one time cost for less money
  3. They removed me as an instructor without any warning

So first let’s chat pricing, $99/month for any membership is a fair commitment. Comparable to Skillshare or even buying one off courses on Udemy (generally found at a discount) you could easily learn all the same topics being taught on Amazing.com

Here is the biggest reason I’ve reduced my score.

Originally the founder Matt Clark invited me to the platform as an instructor based on the fact that I had a course on Udemy all about Amazon affiliate marketing.

They decided to initially upload 4 of my courses which I thought was great, they helped me do this and there was a lot of back and forth with the employees trying to get my content uploaded.

I spent many hours working with them on this and finally got everything uploaded and live into the platform.

Upon joining within a month or 2 they actually laid off more than half the companies employees and this struck some concern and there were people I was communicating with that just all of a sudden had my emails bouncing.

Of course I was excited to have a few courses up, I wanted to publish more. I had to go through the process of explaining what I teach is actually something I’ve done myself and had success with (makes sense, but this took a while).

They eventually introduced a custom course uploading platform to upload my courses and video content.

I spent many more hours uploading content and submitting my courses into the platform pending in ‘draft’ for quite some time only to find that they wouldn’t approve them and as far as I know didn’t even look at them.

I worked back and forth with one of the employees to discuss my courses only to be told my dress code and appearance was not professional on camera.

To be fair, this employee was right but I’d only ever 1 time had someone mention this in all of my thousands of students that had taken my courses on Udemy.

We discussed getting one of my courses all about freelancing on UpWork put onto the platform and I was verbally told it would be accepted upon improving 2-3 videos where I was talking on camera.

I spent about $1500 on new lightning, a suit jacket, a new camera and I got a fresh hair cut and began recording.

Unfortunately my first round attempting to use a green screen had quality issues (my lightning wasn’t quite good enough) and this led to me dropping the webcam and green screen to eventually try using this expensive camera I bought.

The camera didn’t have the best microphone but I looked professional on camera, nothing weird in the background and it was more than good enough in my opinion.

So despite spending over $1000 to better my appearance and re-record videos for this 1 single course multiple times the course on UpWork still never got approved.

Shortly after I decided to watch a course called Brand Genesis inside of the membership which was a course created by the founder Matt Clark. The majority of the videos were professional and well done, but there were many quick update videos where he was sitting in the dark wearing a sweatshirt recording content for the course.

Now don’t get me wrong, this does not bother me at all as a student. If the information is good I could careless, the problem was that I had put so much time and energy into improving my videos only to find they never approved them after saying they would and the CEO himself had videos where he was dressed very casual sitting in the dark recording content.

This really pissed me off.

Getting my courses removed without notice

I decided to update the courses I already had on the platform this past month, one of which I wanted to add several hours of new content too.

I spent 3 hours editing and uploading, moving content around and replacing some old videos with more professional ones. After doing this to confirm the videos worked in the membership I came across a message stating my courses were being removed on October 9th.

This was the first I’d heard of it.

The response I got from their team was that they want to focus on Amazon based courses (again crazy to me as the first course we discussed submitted was about Amazon affiliates and never got approved in the system)

I also noticed many other non-Amazon related courses did not appear to be getting removed.

So given the time and effort I put in as an instructor I do not recommend this company any longer, they seem very un-stable and not very committed to instructor success.

Again I also know the bulk of the instructors also all teach on other marketplaces or sell these same courses elsewhere.

See my original review below:

Amazing.com Review For 2017

Overall the content inside of Amazing.com is nothing short of high quality. Most of the courses are focused on teaching you how to start selling products on Amazon. They do have other courses covering topics like social media, paid search, real estate and many other business based topics.

The most popular courses are all focused on building a real business with Amazon. I spent a lot of time going through Brand Genesis with Matt Clark and in my opinion this course alone is worth the price of admission.

Matt walks you through step by step how he finds a niche on Amazon, tests out private label products from China, builds a real brand surrounding those products and then gets them up on Amazon using FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) to sell the product. He pretty much shows you exactly how he builds a product based business from scratch with nothing left out.

Many of the Amazon based courses on Amazing.com cover topics such as running sponsored Amazon ads, getting reviews, optimizing your listings for traffic, importing products from China and tons more.

You can see a sample of some of the various course topics here:

amazing.com courses

Amazing.com Pricing

You will be looking at a $39/month price tag for the membership if you are paying monthly. If you go with an annual yearly membership you ultimately end up paying $25/month. Considering the information shared inside just a few of these courses could be sold for $99-$500+ as a one time fee I certainly think this is worth enrollment.

They don’t have any commitments so you could enroll for a couple months, consume the content and leave if you wanted. If you start seeing success following the programs included I don’t see any reason why you would though.

Amazing.com Community

Included with your membership is a community forum. Most of the topics are heavily focused on people seeking out help with Amazon selling. They do categorize a lot of the forum sections based on specific courses so if you watch a course and have questions for the instructors you can use that forum.

I know with some membership sites you will get a forum to ask questions and a lot of these forums simply become ‘dead’ over time. It appears over time the community has been active and most threads have responses with people discussing different topics trying to help one another out.

Here is what the community forum looks like on Amazing.com:

amazing.com community

Check out my video review and walk through of the Amazing.com members area here:


What I Like About Amazing.com Membership

There is a lot to like about Amazing.com, let’s go through some of the things I really like about the membership:

  • Reasonable monthly payment for tons of premium business courses
  • High focus on Amazon.com – If you plan on starting an Amazon business this is a great place to start
  • Good mix of online instructors covering various business topics
  • Not ‘flooded’ with courses on other topics outside of business and entrepreneurship
  • Community forums to ask questions and get help from others
  • Course interface is custom and all the videos are very high quality

What I Don’t Like About Amazing.com

There is not a whole lot I don’t like about Amazing.com, I do know there are many other free resources such as blogs and podcasts covering topics on how to get started on Amazon.com. There is just no way you are going to get this amount of video training covering the Amazon business model anywhere else for just a $39 entrance fee. 

You could technically go to Udemy and find an Amazon FBA course but there is just no way your going to get the same amount of video training at this price.

  • 3.5/10
    Amazing.com Review - 3.5/10


Amazing.com is a membership community mostly offering business and entrepreneurship online courses focused on selling on Amazon.com. There are over 200+ courses and 15,000+ students currently part of the community.

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