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Couples Therapy

Every couple is different, and different skills work for different couples. I prescribe The Gottman Method of couples therapy, because it is the most effective, evidence based approach. It can help you get through everyday wear and tear, and even through the toughest difficulties that relationships have to offer: affairs, sexual abuse traumas, etc.

Trauma Therapy

It’s important to find someone who can not only help your body recover from trauma, but can help you to integrate the experiences on multiple levels. Trauma therapy at PAX takes a holistic perspective that involves thinking processes, feeling processes, sensory processes in order to create lasting change.

Therapy For Kids

We use behavior modification techniques, and family therapy to address issues that the family can work to improve at home while working together with your child’s therapist.

Kristin Martinez, LMFT 

Kristin Martinez, LMFT is an expert in working with and addressing trauma. As a trauma survivor herself, she wants to provide the best, most scientifically  supported treatment to her clients.  She incorporates cognitive, emotional, and   sensory systems into treatment which helps clients to process trauma more effectively.

Brian Rice, LMFT

I’m Brian Rice, LMFT. I specialize in behavioral issues with children and adolescents. During the time I’ve been in practice, I’ve helped hundreds of children. I have helped them work through issues such as depression, behavioral problems, anxiety and making friends. Working through my own depression in my youth has given me insight to the world of others who are going through something similar, and it is my goal to help through therapy.

At PAX, we believe that therapy is a commitment to your health- mental and physical.

92% of people in therapy report feeling better afterward. *


Good mental health builds resiliency of mind and spirit which helps to reduce high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and many other conditions.  Studies show that the more stress and inner conflict  you suffer with, the more health issues you have.


In fact, poor mental health causes as many deaths as smoking does, puts your at a 15% higher risk of Diabetes, 31% higher chance of hypertension and cardiovascular disease, and scientifically proven lost years of life!**


THAT information is mind blowing, and our question is- What is keeping YOU away from such a good investment in yourself?

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