May was a solid month for me. I have a couple of new opportunities that have come my way this month.

Passive Profits Masterclass Launch

I had put together a short class over on Skillshare earlier last year that became an instant hit, I called it “10 Ways To Make Passive Income Online” and within this short class I shared different methods I had been following online to make some extra income. It actually went sort of “viral” on the platform hitting the first page and getting over 1000 students enrolled in a short span of time.

I even managed to get over 80+ positive reviews on the class so I knew it was a winner. I decided to approach Stefan Ciancio who was someone that had a lot of experience launching products in the internet marketing space on Jvzoo and WarriorPlus. We also teamed up with Mehdi Tihani who is someone I’ve known for several years also in the IM space.

We worked quite a bit throughout May on turning my Skillshare course into an enhanced product we could sell on WarriorPlus. I re-created some videos, did a professional setup with my new office and spent a ton of time writing up an eBook sharing a detailed guide on everything discussed within the course.

We managed to bring on some big name affiliates, we ran a contest and ultimately ended up doing over 20k in total sales. We also did a special webinar for the SEO consulting blueprint course for the new members which did another $4500~ in sales.

All in all, after the affiliate payouts, contest, some refunds and the split among 3 of us my cut was around $2300~. I certainly can’t complain about that but I had hoped to do a bit better considering all the affiliate support and “buzz” created around the launch.

The positive thing is I also got an email list of 1000 new people (some of you might be reading this now!) which is exciting, that’s just that many more people I’ve helped with my years of experience in this industry.

Checkout Passive Profits Masterclass here. This course really is a “brain dump” of everything I’ve ever done to earn income online.

Moving Forward With Evolutly 

If you read my past income report you will have read all about my first SaaS Project Management tool for SEO agencies – Evolutly. I had partnered with Paul James on this 50/50 and ultimately I was the guy behind the actual purpose of the tool, how it would work, who it would be for and what features it would have.

Paul provided me with his developer and gave me a lot of guidance, we used a lot of his resources such as his Zaxaa account, his Clickfunnels account for the landing page etc.

Paul also helped me promote the software by coming up with a webinar angle and we did a huge push to both our audiences.

After our big launch things seemed to be slow for a bit and I really wanted to keep going with promotion but I could see Paul wasn’t invested in doing much more with it beyond what we had done so far with the launch.

I spoke with several agency owners who loved the tool and saw the bright future ahead with some feature enhancements.

I decided to let Paul keep the existing subscribers (they renew yearly) and in return he would help me transition everything to let me run with it whatever direction I wanted to take it.

I brought on a new partner named Gabriel Machuret who took a big interest in the tool and what’s possible with the idea.

Gabriel runs his own marketing agency and also wrote a book called “Zero Excuses“, he managed to build up a Facebook group for SEO’s to over 1500 members in just a few mere months of time.

Our current goal is re-working the tool to use the Laravel PHP framework and completely overhaul the graphical interface and GUI. He also agreed to bring in his own developer who he is paying for on his own dime. We are also upgrading the billing system which should integrate right into the code and be a much smoother process for trials and recurring billing vs. using an API with Zaxaa (We were having lots of issues with this).

It’s a little scary taking a product and completely changing the code, bringing in a new partner and everything but I think it’s going to really help me the software to the next level allowing me to scale this as a real SaaS business.

Other Positive News

I recently discovered that one of my students is now earning upwards of $15,000/month just applying what I taught him about using the UpWork platform. He has even hired 2 employees to grow his marketing agency! This is one of the most exciting things for me to see, given I have not personally been putting all that much time into client acquisition seeing one of my students take action and see huge success is an awesome feeling!

I’ve also interviewed him but you will need to jump on the waitlist for the SEO Consulting Blueprint to get access to it!

I decided to also make a large investment in myself in the month of May and hire a coach for helping me sell more copies of my SEO Consulting Blueprint course. From past experience I didn’t have such positive results running Facebook ads and I really wanted to scale up this process.

I realize that I have a great course that has received tons of praise and I’ve received tons of reviews and emails from people telling me how it’s helped them out in a lot of ways. This has given me more confidence to go out and ask at minimum $297 for this course. Likely if your reading this from my email list you’ve seen me pitch this at least 2-3 times so I’ve exhausted my existing audience on this for the most part.

I just need to get it in front of more people and this mentorship is going to help me do that and do it the right way. So far the experience has been slow to get started but everything we are doing together is making sense to me.

Falling Behind

I’ve been falling back into video games a bit more than I probably should be. A good friend of mine happens to only play games in the mornings between 8-10am and I’ve been waking up some mornings playing video games for several hours which is really a terrible start to the day.

I’ve also been waking up mostly around 7am when I should realistically be up by 5:30am doing a workout or something else productive. I fell out of doing the Insanity workouts and have decided to try out a subscription to DDP Yoga Now which I think will help with some of the posture and back pain issues I’ve been having (sitting at a desk all day will do this to you). I started this today and it’s looking promising so far.

I’ve also had a bit of a rough start to this month with no ‘big projects’ on the horizon as I had prior months. My current focus is selling the SEO Consulting Blueprint course and working on Evolutly as much as possible.

Let’s dive into the income…


Thrive Themes Affiliate$33.50 Guest Posting – $100

Metalcore Kingdom Promotion – $50

Stream Store Affiliate – $166.35

Scopeleads Affiliate – $134

Misc WarriorPlus Payments – $88.65

Client SEO / Freelance Work – $2499

Maps Mentor 2.0 – $594

SEO Consulting Blueprint$494

Pinterest Management For Client – $90 (My Review) – $386.36

Skilshare – $567.78

Udemy – $1724.46

EduFyre – $177

Pay It Forward Method$45.79

UpTrack Affiliate $14.50

Instapilot Affiliate$33.50

Jvzoo Academy Affiliate$33.46

Drip Apps Coaching – $300

SEO Powersuite Affiliate$411.41

Total Income: $7943.76


Google Drive Subscription -$1.99

Payment To VA For Pinterest Work -$75

Black Hat World Forum Thread -$30

Online Course Coaching -$2800

SEO Outsourcing -$1200

WiseStamp AppSumo Deal -$29

TubeBuddy Subscription (Free Course) -$4.50

Audio Transcription -$15

Total Spent: -$4155.49

Total Net Income: $3788.27

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I'm John, I'm just an honest entrepreneur here to speak the truth about internet marketing.

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