So I’ve been a bit lazy about getting my latest income reports in but I realize the longer I wait to make these kinds of posts the harder it will be to go back and actually create them.

I’ve had lots of interesting and exciting things happen these past couple of months including launching my very first software tool.

March 2017 Income

In March I decided to buy a course on Pay Per Call. I have been feeling less inclined to pickup clients and do local SEO, so my thinking behind this was that I could learn more about Adwords, paid traffic and specifically learn how to generate more phone calls for businesses and maybe sell them actual phone calls. This is what they really seek when it all comes down to it.

The course and training I went through on this was really detailed and I learned a lot. I made my money back instantly at the end of the month building a campaign for a client, they had me build the entire campaign and never actually moved forward with running it which was odd.

I like the concept of this with affiliate networks but the payouts are pretty low. I wouldn’t say this is a waste of my time as I’ve learned some tricks now about Adwords and generating calls, I’m currently running a paid campaign for a painting contractor and so far they are generating some calls from it which is exciting.

Let’s dive into my income for March:

*Note there are many affiliate links included in this post, if you decide to buy anything through my link I do earn a commission and I definitely appreciate it!

30 Days Of Discipline eBook (follow my journey) – $37.50

UpTrack (see my review here) – $63.50

My Pay It Forward Course  – $45.75

Teachable Course Sales – $28.75

Konker Sales – $7.84 (see my review here) – $290.08

Udemy – $1878.88

Skillshare $522.88

StackCommerce – $183.54

Client SEO – $1706

Fat Joe Guest Posting – $50

Quick Affiliate Sniper Course$12.30

Stream Store (see my review here) – $60.40

Marketers Center (use ‘noshameseo’ code to sign up) – $28.90

Scopeleads (see my review here) – $191

Drip Core Coaching – $300

Misc Warrior Plus Affiliate Promotions – $231.51

Adwords Setup For Client – $200

Pinterest Management For Client – $90

Amazon Affiliates – $103.27

Total Income For March: $6032.10


Skype -$8.52

Google Drive -$1.99

GoDaddy Domain Renewal -$25.09

Refunds For Misc Products -$18.69

Payment To Niche Site Partner  -$38.74

Pay Per Call Exposed Course (see my review here) -$259

WordPress Theme -$50

UpWork -$10

ConvertKit (see my review here) -$49

SEO Outsourcing -$700

TubeBuddy -$4.50

Coaching Deposit -$200

Twilio Phone Numbers -$20

Pay Per Call Affiliate Training -$32

Freshbooks -$10

Total Spent: $1442.22

Total Net Income For March: $4585.88

April 2017 Income

In April I had 2 big wins. I had a random promotion on StackCommerce go live where they sell a bundle of my courses. It ended up making me over $2000 passively which is awesome.

The second big win was I finally launched Evolutly with Paul James. I have worked really hard on this software over the past 4-5 months doing tons of feature enhancements, getting beta users in, doing lots of Q&A to fix bugs and issues, and much more.

Our initial launch we did right before Easter weekend and initially got a good surge of sales. We ended up leaving the promotions alone on Saturday and Sunday (Easter) then pushed the final closing up through the following Thursday with a lot of scarcity and we managed to bring in nearly 70 sales totaling $12,808 in total income with $197 charter pricing.

We split the profits 50/50 and now we have a free 14 day trial available.  We also increased the pricing to $30/month ($360/year) and $297 for a yearly plan. I also have had an agency owner express interest in partnering with us to further develop the software and invest as much as $10,000 into further development!

Let’s dive into my income for April:

Thrive Themes Affiliate$183.40

Pay It Forward Course$39.95

TubeBuddy Affiliate (see my free course) – $5.70 (see my review here) – $592.94

Udemy – $1355.91


StackCommerce – $2258.87

Maps Mentor 2.0 Affiliate$445.50

FatJoe Guest Posting – $80

Client SEO – $2209

Stream Store Affiliate (see my review here) – $100.70

Scopeleads Affiliate (see my review here) – $53.60

Drip Core Coaching – $300

Amazon Affiliates – $75.17

Evolutly – $6404

Total Income For April: $14,641.40


Google Drive -$1.99

GoDaddy Domain Renewal -$30.34

Refund For a Program Paul and I Never Launched -$239.90

ZeroBounce WP Plugin -$27

Gramous Instagram Book -$24

UpWork -$10

ConvertKit (see my review here) -$49

TubeBuddy -$4.50

SEO Outsourcing -$900

BlackHatWorld VIP Membership -$97

Freshbooks -$10

Total Spent: $1333.05

Total Net Income for April: $13,308.35


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