Welcome to my June Income update. June was a very exciting month for me as I had some very large projects come to light which really skyrocketed my online income.

The first biggest project was the launch of Video Course Cash Kit, you can read my story about the launching of this product here.

The total sales for this product went over 65k with all of the affiliate promotions Mike & Brett were able to push for the this. We sold the front end product for $27, an up-sell for $67 and some numerous other up-sells for software Brett & Mike previously launched.

I was offered 15% of all total sales and since a large portion came from affiliates the front end product sales yielded me around $3 per sale. All in all I totaled around $5k in total sales from this and walked away with a list of 1000 email’s for my list.

I was approached with an opportunity to sell non-exclusive rights to 9 of my courses earning me $2700 with a platform called Skillsuccess.com

I managed to land a new SEO client for $2500/month which I brought on through the marketing agency I’m currently working with. This landed me a 6k raise and a bonus check. I also decided to include my job income in this report just to show how much I really made this month.

Between these endeavors alone I was able to really push the needle and hit over 10k in online income for the month all while still earning sales on all my courses.

I also managed to finally hit $100 earnings in Adsense after being part of the program for over 5 years now! I know this is lame in a way but sort of exciting for me. It was one of the first things I ever signed up for online and never really knew what I was doing. I added some Adsense ads to some of my sites and I have a few Android apps that earned me some Admob income which connects with Adsense so I was finally able to hit this number.

Let’s jump into the income numbers shall we?

Video Course Cash Kit$5251.27

Udemy – $700.10



SEO Client Income – $1094

Work Bonus For Signing Up SEO Client – $1,765.64

Work Income: $2800.89

Guest Posting For Fat Joe – $50

Web Design – $250

Pinterest Account Management – $75

Source Market Sales – $59.86

Google Adsense Income – $100

Amazon Affiliate Income – $156.44

Total Income: $13,843.44


Etsy Affiliate WordPress Plugin -$29

Skillshare Signup Offer -$40

Teachable Membership -$25

Instathumbnail -$29.97

Brandbuilders Content & Maintenance -$100

Keyword Research Service From Doug Cunnington -$100

Divi Booster Plugin -$19

Pindrill -$27

SEO Course Group Buy -$55

SEO Outsourcing -$347.50

Fiverr -$10.50

GoDaddy -$9.92

Outsourcing Pinterest Management -$50

Skype -$8.52

Total Spent – $851.41

Total Net – $12,992.03

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I'm John, I'm just an honest entrepreneur here to speak the truth about internet marketing.

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