So better late than never!

I’m sharing my June income update.

In terms of what I’ve been working on these past couple of months I’ve tried to remain focused in 3 primary areas.

-Online Courses

Evolutly (My digital marketing project management tool)

-Working with existing clients

Here is a brief update on what’s been happening with all of these.


I’ve managed to maintain good relationships with a few SEO clients and overall I am able to spend a few hours each month with my clients and get them great results using outsourced help.

The clients are happy with the results and I’m not spending 40 hours a week trying to do everything myself.

I’m not currently applying to any new jobs or doing a ton of work trying to land new clients. I’ve been experimenting with the idea of running Facebook ads for Chiropractors and if I do decide to continue to grow this side of my business I’m just going to get really niche focused.

Online Courses

My course income has started to drop on Udemy which of course is disappointing but I also haven’t been doing much of anything over there with the exception of answering student questions. It’s still 100% passive income and it’s certainly helping to keep the income rolling in.

StackCommerce, Skillshare and are still holding steady $500-1000 per month on each platform.

I also did a test where I took old interviews from 2013-2015 from my podcast and turned them into mini short classes on Skillshare which is certainly helping me earn even more on Skillshare.

I’ve put TONS of time into my mentor-ship with Sergio Estevez to help me scale and sell my SEO Consulting Blueprint course. I’ve been doing nearly 2x calls a week for 2 months with Sergio and we have made a ton of progress.

Sometimes having that 1 on 1 mentoring really helps me stay on task and focused. This is currently the area I want to continue putting as much effort and focus into as possible. I’m excited that after 2 months we almost ready to start promoting the course using his methods.

I realized despite going through courses that cost thousands, I was still missing so many critical pieces to the puzzle.


My project management tool has been slightly on the backburner for me. I will be making an announcement on what’s going on here likely in August.

Life Stuff:

I’ve managed to make a ton of improvements to my home over the past few months. I got my office floors re-done, I had my driveway re-paved, we got a new storm door, a new grill, new Leesa bed, new bed frame and we completely fixed up our back yard with new grass, flowers and I even got a projector for watching movies at night outside!

Just lots of cool upgrades making my home that much more enjoyable. It’s a great feeling to make improvements as the years pass, we are getting to a point where there won’t be much else to improve unless we do a major project like a basement re-finishing.

Let’s Dive Into The Numbers!

*Please note, many of these links are affiliate links. If you decide to purchase one of these products I will earn a commission and I greatly appreciate it!


Thrive Themes Affiliate$177.20

Teachable Course Payout – $67.37 Guest Posting – $90

Scopeleads Affiliate$157.50

Pinterest Management for Client – $100$379.89

Udemy – $1762.81

Skillshare – $652.49

StackCommerce – $629.02

SEO Clients & Freelance Work – $1578

SEO Consulting Blueprint$143.30

Streamstore Affiliate$261.65

Pay It Forward Method$57.66

Jvzoo Academy Affiliate$11.10

Themecloud WordPress Hosting Affiliate$285.12

SEO Powersuite Affiliate$348.22

Prosociate Affiliate$56.10

PressCable Affiliate$333.01

Misc WarriorPlus Affiliate Payout – $24.77

Drip Apps Coaching – $300

Metalcore Kingdom Radio Advertising – $34.29

Marketing Inc Affiliate$997

Passive Profits Masterclass$2329.71

Amazon Affiliate Site Income – $141.89

Total Income $10,918.10


Skype -$8.52

GoDaddy Domain Renewals -$18.09

Google Drive Subscription -$1.99

Payment to Ana For Managing Pinterest For Client -$75

SEO Outsourcing -$600

Spark Laravel -$50

Payment To Affiliate Site Partner -$152

Transcription Service -$25

AppSumo Deal On Billy App -$39

TubeBuddy Subscription -$4.50

Total Spent: $974.10

Total Net Income: $9,944


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I'm John, I'm just an honest entrepreneur here to speak the truth about internet marketing.

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