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4 Course Platforms Compared With a Fine Tooth Comb

Lately these days everyone and their mother is trying to start a new course platform. Ever since I published my first few courses on Udemy I have been receiving emails from all these “Schools” and “Online Course” platforms. It’s become pretty overwhelming to the point I had just started ignoring most of them. As of […]

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How To Be An Epic Failure When Sending Cold Emails

cold emails

One of my pet peeves has always been when people send me clearly obvious “Copy and paste” email templates. I received an email today and just had to share it. I’m being immediately pitched on how effective their product is, there is absolutely no “value” in the email whatsoever. If this guy literally took 5 […]

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What Does It Mean When a Person Has No Shame?

Someone asked this on Yahoo Answers A good friend of mine says this to me all the time.. “you have no shame!” and I’ve always found it to be amusing. So what does this have to do with this blog? I’ve been making extra income online now for over 4 years, I scour the internet […]

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