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January Income Report – A Good Start To 2017

I typically end up being lazy about writing my income reports right at the start of the following month but of all the things I wanted to do with this blog, it’s the one thing I want to consistently keep up with. I’ve had a really good past several months since going self employed in […]

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December Income Report – Getting Ready For 2017

So I’m trying to get better about posting these income reports more consistently, given it’s almost the end of January it’s better I do it now than wait till February to try to think back to everything I did. So why share an income report?  I believe in transparency and I also want people to […]

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The Products & Services I Use

As we move into 2017 I wanted to share a list of all the most common tools I am currently using in my business. I get emails regularly from people asking me what I’m currently recommending so I wanted to put this post together to share everything the best that I can. I’m currently putting […]

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August & September Income Update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted my last income update. See all of my prior income updates here. The biggest reason for this is that I was let go from my full time job back in August and I’ve been working very diligently to move on as someone who could be 100% self employed. […]

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Memberhub Review

Today I’m going to be sharing a Memberhub Review for this latest and greatest membership site software. In this video I walk through the Memberhub software for the first time: I setup a basic membership site, pick a template and then walk through some of the basic options in the backend of the tool. So […]

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July Income Update

July has been another awesome month for me. I’ve mostly been focusing most of my time on trying to wrap up some small projects and finally clear up the bulk of my to do list. One big thing I’ve put some time into is contemplating where I see myself in the future in terms of […]

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