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2015-02-26_1544A good friend of mine says this to me all the time.. “you have no shame!” and I’ve always found it to be amusing.

So what does this have to do with this blog?

I’ve been making extra income online now for over 4 years, I scour the internet reading tons of “make money” blogs and generally the theme is always the same.

  • Post about things that make you money – sometimes informative, sometimes not
  • Encourage email sign ups with popups and email incentives every where
  • Share income reports
  • Blog more about what works
  • Share personal reviews and stuff about internet marketing products

So I thought to myself… hmm.. would if I start a blog just like one of those BUT I do something different, I act completely shameless on the blog.

That means I can talk about internet marketing and be a blunt and honest as I want. I’m generally a brutally honest person, I tell it straight and I’m not afraid to voice my opinion.

Uhh who the fuck are you exactly? Why should I even read this blog?

Yeah I know, I could actually be a midget with boobs but I’m not, you can learn more about me here.

Several years ago I started an interview show called Voices Of Marketing, it was cool at first as I interviewed all of my heroes, some millionaires, some awkward people. I did this for a while but it never gained any traction and I eventually became bored with it, so much so I had no motivation to blog or write anything new. The sad part was I actually enjoy writing even though sometimes it can get boring as fuck.

When I really think about it, despite some of the interviews most of the blog is pretty boring. I actually have a Fiverr gig where people pay me to get interviewed, half the time I’m cranking through the orders so fast I don’t even read the answers for articles going up on my own blog. Sad right? I guess I just stopped caring about a lot of the topics.

So what is this blog going to be about?

I wanted to create something unique, hilarious to read, interesting and different from all the other guys out there.

Over the years I have made plenty of mistakes and I’ve found some ways to generate some extra income online.

I’m going to write about lifestyle topics, make product reviews, making money, fitness and more. If I can make it interesting I’m going to blog about it.

Point is, I want this blog to be fucking interesting.

I wanted a home base to write about what I was working on, but I wanted to do without being this polite “just another internet marketer” blog.










I’m going to be the Frank Gallagher of blogging. I’m going to post as if I don’t care how someone might “feel” about it.

I want to make interesting posts, not just the same old “My KeywordResearchTool01 Review” this blog is going to have posts such as “No Bullshit Keyword Research in 2015”.

I’m going to post about what works and what does not, if I purchase a product and it sucks ass you better believe I’m going to blog about it here.

Get ready for the ride!


About the Author

I'm John, I'm just an honest entrepreneur here to speak the truth about internet marketing.

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