So it’s been a crazy last couple of months for me. I’ve been wanting to do another income update for a while and I’m now finally getting around to it.

Lots has happened these past couple of months and I’ve been putting as much time and energy as I can into keeping myself stable so I can continue down the path of being self employed.

Since writing my story article I’ve decided to ultimately pick one area of “focus” moving forward. I decided of all the things I’m doing online I enjoy creating online courses the most of everything.

On the side I may do some minor affiliate promotions for products I actually would use and recommend and I’m also doing some client SEO work to help keep some nice income flowing in. I’m able to focus on a lot of video creation during the day and I’ve put a ton of time into setting up my green screen, buying some new attire and just really increasing the production value of any video content I create.

Selling Courses On This Blog

I’ve also finally opened the No Shame Income course directory. There are tons of both free and paid courses you can checkout. I’m teaching tons of topics ranging from SEO to social media and lots more.

I also opened up a Patreon account where you can help aid me in my course creation efforts. Most of the money I earn from that platform I will be putting back into course creation, this could mean better equipment, software or even re-investing into advertising.

My First Webinar & Special Thanks To Paul James

At the end of August I was approaching a lot of guys in the SEO space to help sell one of my flagship courses – The SEO Consulting Blueprint. I ended up recording very personalized videos for many people I thought might be interested in teaming up with me. Some of them I was having a lot of back and forth conversation over email and others I even jumped on a Skype call with but I could just tell there wasn’t much happening in terms of any sort of partnership with most of them.

When Paul James got back to me, he actually responded with his own video and I knew right away the interest was there to do something big.

We ended up quickly planning an idea which led to a product launch on the WarriorPlus platform. Paul really got me thinking about how we could use buyer leads from a product launched on WarriorPlus. We created a product called “The 1k SEO Freelance Challenge” which was based around my recent succees freelancing on UpWork for SEO services.

The product managed to sell hundreds of copies where we in turn built a webinar presentation and sold over 50 copies across 3 different webinars. I always knew how powerful webinars were but had never managed to really put much time or energy into one. The results were amazing and it’s something I’d like to do a lot more of in 2017.

Paul and I are now working on some other projects and work really well together. As we move into 2017 I’m really excited to see what we can accomplish as partners.

If you are at all curious about finding your own partner to work with in business online, I highly recommend checking out my free course – Form Joint Venture Partnerships To Sell Online Courses.

Other Notable Wins & Losses

I had my biggest month in October for Income on Skillshare closing in on almost 2 grand from that platform alone. I managed to cross the $10,000 earnings mark on the platform and I am continuing to publish new short classes there on a regular basis. I believe the reason I did so well was one of my courses went viral and got nearly 1000 students and hit the first page under “trending” for all classes on the platform.

I had an awesome past couple of months doing affiliate marketing. I now have a combined email list of about 2500 people between my course launches and new opt in forms on this blog which has allowed me to start building my list and promoting some products which I highly recommend. You can check out my free 4 part UpWork couse here (a short version of the paid one I sold with Paul).

In terms of losses moving into November/December I’ve lost a few SEO clients. I’ve found it’s very common for some clients to sign on for a month and then leave, this could be due to budget, maybe a communication fault on my end or any number of reasons. My plan is to build a team specifically for link building where I can really start offering that as a service on the side while trying to spend most of my time on building online courses.

Let’s Dive Into The Income Numbers For October


Thrive Themes Affiliate$33.50

Konker $39.19

Fat Joe Guest Post Publishing – $50

Client SEO – $4625 $242.95


Fiverr – $88

Skillshare $1,958.25

Brenda’s Skillshare – $295.58

PinBot / YouTube Software Affiliate – $7.09

1k SEO Freelance Challenge – $3353.29 (My 50% Share with Paul James, offer is also now closed)

SEO Consulting Blueprint (This is combined Oct/Nov) – $5470.80 (My 50% Share with Paul James)

Amazon Affiliates – $228.68


Total Income: $17,554.51


SEO & Web Design Outsourcing -$1498.47

Axcelx Virtual Private Server -$8

GoDaddy Renewal -$32.64

Xsplit License -$35.96

TriDef SmartCam -$14.99

Fiverr -$6

UpWork Membership -$10

Total Net For October: $15,948.45

Let’s Dive Into The Income Numbers For November

Income – $436.58

Thrive Themes Affiliate – $147.50

KonKer $3.92

Udemy – $571.37

Jvzoo Affiliate Sales – $27

Client SEO – $1925

Demio Affiliate – $528.90


Skillshare – $1017.29 Affiliate – $237.60

Scopeleads Affiliate – $100.50

Rapid Traffic Masterclass Affiliate – $422.17

Amazon Affiliates – $208.75

StackCommerce – $268.10

Total Income: $5914.68


SEO & Web Design Outsourcing -$560.25

Axcelx Virtual Private Server -$8

GoDaddy Renewal -$15.17

UpWork Membership -$10

TubeBuddy Monthly -$4.50

Fiverr -$21

Virtual Assistant -$75

Total Net Income For November: $5,220.76



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