Back in 2014 I had been running a podcast for a while and learned a thing or two about using the platform Fiverr. 

I decided, why not compile some of the things I’d learned into a short eBook?

eBooks have been around forever in the “internet marketing” space, in fact people still give them away today as a simple “bribe” people can use to give away in exchange for an email address.

Well today I wanted to discuss how instead of me “giving away” this short eBook, I decided to sell it. 

Anyone can do this mind you.

If you have a simple skill you can teach to someone else, you have the ability to do this too.

Maybe you are really good at cooking for example, you might think “Well I don’t think this is that valuable of a skill“..

Trust me there is SOMETHING you know that other people don’t, and I’m willing to bet you can show other people how to do it.

Brainstorm a list of ideas and think about all the things you’ve helped other people with.

I highly suggest coming up with something specific, let’s say you’re big into going camping. Your eBook title could be “The newbie’s guide to going camping for the first time”.

Pretty simple right?

It’s specific and would be intended to help people who are new to going camping. While some stuff may be obvious to people, you can highlight certain things that you may know others don’t.

In this example, let’s say you’ve used various different type’s of camping tents over the years. You could discuss them, the pro’s and con’s and features for different sized family’s.

For varied niches like this one, you could launch your eBook on a marketplace called Clickbank. You can also publish it as a simple book on Kindle.

How I Launched My eBook

If your teaching something in the internet marketing space (which I was) I recommend publishing a launch date on a site such as and using a medium platform for your launch.

In this case I used the platform Jvzoo to sell the eBook and I promoted it through a paid forum thread at the Warrior Forum.

During the launch I actually got some affiliates on board to help me promote it. This allowed me to give away a portion of the sales and in return also get a higher influx of total sales.

This is a whole other topic in of itself, but I’ll share with you in a bit how you can learn more about this.

My Results

I ended up doing 139 total sales at $6.95 per sale. This allowed me to earn $966.01 in total sales of my product.

I also included what’s known as a “one time offer” or OTO for short. This was a short video course that related to the same topic.

As people would go through the buying process of the eBook, I’d also pitch them on another product. A small portion of people who bought the eBook also would get the OTO product.

This was a means to maximize sales and bring in even more earnings on the launch of the product.

The OTO didn’t bring in amazing results in this particular case, but I was able to bring in an extra $284.44 with 20 sales at $14.22 per sale:

Here is a short video I put together sharing some insight into how I did this:

Want The Full Case Study?

In this case study I walk you through how I took my simple idea, turned it into a short eBook and then promoted the eBook to make over $1000.

It all starts with finding one simple niche idea that you can discuss that will help other people.

Most people have knowledge of a specific topic or skill that they could teach to someone else. Most people are willing to pay for this type of knowledge.

So why not create your own short eBook and sell that knowledge to others?

I’m going to walk you through everything I did to create my simple eBook, get it launched and then show you how I continued to make sales from it.

I even share with you the exact eBook I used, that only took me just a few days to write based off of a very simple idea.

Here is what I cover in the case study:

  • Coming up with a niche idea for your eBook
  • Creating your eBook – Using a simple tool to build a professional looking eBook
  • Building a sales page for your eBook
  • Creating a sales funnel to collect leads and upsell other products
  • I explain the various payment processors you can use for selling your eBook
  • How to Promote your eBook through forums, affiliate marketing and more

How To Access The eBook Launch Video Training

Would you like the training / tutorial video? (I’m not charging anything for it)… If you would, here is what to do next.

  • Step 1: Comment below and tell me you’re interested and why (add your comment to the comments area below)
  • Step 2: Click the Big Red Button below & follow the eBook Launch access details.

About the Author

I'm John, I'm just an honest entrepreneur here to speak the truth about internet marketing.

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