Scopeleads Review – Land SEO Clients With Email Outreach

scopeleads review

What Is The Product?

In this Scopeleads review I’m going to break down exactly what the software is and why you should consider using it for prospecting. Scopeleads is an awesome prospecting tool designed for SEO consultants and agencies for generating leads on demand by sending out cold emails to prospects to sell services such as web design and SEO.

scopeleads review

Scopeleads Review

Overall this Scopeleads has everything you could possibly need in an email prospecting tool. I have tried many similar tools over the years and most of them don’t even come close to the same features that Scopeleads includes. 

The entire platform is cloud based so you won’t need to download any software. Once inside the dashboard all you need to is pick a niche and the type of issues you want to seek out in terms of the problems you are looking to solve.

Here is a screenshot showing the different types of issues you can search for:

scopeleads dashboard

You enter your city, niche and keyword which could just be something such as ‘Plumber Boston’ and you will get a list of business back with additional information such as business name, email address, phone number, social profile links. You can also run an in-built basic audit of the website which you could use to send to the prospect.

Here is a sample business that came back from a search:

scopeleads seo lacking

From here you can email the prospect right from inside the software and also make notes about progress with this prospect. You get somewhat of a CRM built into the software so there is not a whole lot of reason to export lead data but you also have the option to export into a csv or Excel document if you need to.

The main dashboard will also keep track of data such as email opens, link clicks, and the leads you’ve generated within different campaigns.

Here is a list of various cities in Massachusetts that I setup different searches for in the Plumbing niche:

scopeleads campaigns

You can easily see the different types of searches I performed such as SEO lacking, mobile view issues or potential companies that don’t have a website at all. The purple number represents how many leads each campaign found that I can contact.

The software is smart enough to know that if a lead is found in multiple campaigns you can still track if you’ve contacted them before or not.

So now at this point not only do I have a fresh list of leads in this niche, I can also create template emails that can be used for contacting the prospects right inside the software.

Here is a sample of a template email that I setup:


When you go to send an email to a prospect all you have to do is select a pre-built template from a drop down list and hit send. This makes prospecting super quick and allows you to send out a lot of emails without much work at all.

You will also notice in the screenshot above there is a ‘website screenshot will appear here’ image. The folks at Scopeleads also integrated a cool feature for what they call the ‘fake video audit’ which is simply a website image with a video icon overlayed on the image.

The idea here is you can tell prospects that you have created a video audit for their business and use this to gauge interest before putting the time into actually creating a video audit. This is an awesome way to generate more interest when sending out cold emails.

Business owners these days have a lot of people contacting them about web design, SEO and otherwise so you really need to think about how you can stand out from everyone else offering these types of services.

In addition to email templates, you can also setup email sequences. For example, if a client does not open or respond to an email you can trigger another email to go out after a set amount of time or based on several other actions:

scopeleads email sequences

This makes follow up automated and very powerful without a lot of manual intervention.

Here is what the sequences setup looks like:

email sequence follow up

In addition to all of these features Scopeleads also includes full training tutorials including in-depth webinar training showing you how to get the most out of the software to start landing clients.

Check out my full video review and walk through of the members area here:

What I Like About Scopeleads

Lior and his team put a ton of work into this tool. In terms of features here is a general list of what you get:

  • Find leads in any niche
  • Search based on problems such as mobile website issues, SEO, Adwords, Schema issues and more
  • Use your own email provider to send emails
  • CRM built into the software for tracking progress
  • Track email opens and clicks on your campaigns
  • Setup email templates and sequences to automate your prospecting
  • Fake video audit integration
  • Cloud based software (no software installation needed)
  • Comprehensive training and usage tutorials
  • Lior continues to update the software by adding new features, fixing bugs and constantly improving it to make it even better. A lot of these software launches go out and then turn into abandoned projects but Lior has continued to improve it over time.

*Please note some of the features mentioned are only available in the Pro version of Scopeleads and not included in the basic version. 

What I Didn’t Like About Scopeleads

I personally really like this software, for what it is there isn’t much else out there that comes close in terms of features and functionality. I suppose my only downside to this process is more that the cold email game is very competitive and you will still need to put some work into making this work for you. You may need to pickup the phone and cold call businesses to follow up on your emails to get any kind of response.

A lot of users report a fairly low response rate even when sending bulk messages to prospects. I personally do know that cold emails do work if you are smart about it and simply provide tons of value. I highly recommend this software if you are willing to put some time and effort into your cold email outreach campaigns.

Scopeleads Bonus – My SEO Client Course

If you decide to pickup Scopeleads through me here I will also throw in a copy of my client SEO course which covers a whole ton of other ways you can start landing clients for web design or SEO work.

Click here to get Scopeleads and my SEO Client course bonus


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  • Jan Strömberg

    Hi John, I can see you can do a lot of cool things with it…but will it work in any country and with any language?

    • Hi Jan, yes it uses the native Google search to find results. I have tested it in other countries and it does work.

      • Jan Strömberg

        and it even works with my swedish language? Oh, btw, don´t believe what your president tells the world about our country 😉

        • If you can give me an example search I can test it out for you.

          • Jan Strömberg

            ok, I give you two:
            sjukgymnast stockholm
            låssmed malmö

          • It seems to work for me! Here is a screenshot:

          • Jan Strömberg

            Hmmm….interesting. Is it possible for you to test the second one as well? Thanks

          • Jan Strömberg

            Yessss, I will buy…
            Thanks John for great support

          • Awesome, glad I could help. Let me know what you think of my client SEO course bonus as well. Feel free to email the support team at the email Lior left above if you have any other questions on Scopeleads.

          • Jan Strömberg

            I will get back to that. And yes, we have had contact back and forth for a couple of hours.

          • Jan Strömberg

            Hi, was going to buy, just noticed it is a monthly payment. Didn´t notice that first time so I think I will pass on this. Thanks for great support, John.

          • Jan, look at it this way. You can run unlimited campaigns for cities and niches of your choice. Pull the leads from the software and start approaching business owners, if you can close 1 website deal or SEO client you will make far more than 10x that monthly payment that first month. Even if you can’t approach them all in month 1 everything can be exported that you get from the software.

            If you don’t manage to land any clients using the software after a month and decide it’s not for you, then cancel.

          • Jan Strömberg

            Yes, you have got a point there, John. It would be stoopid not to test it out and see if it is so good as it looks. And works with my language as well ;-
            So I have enrolled in the course.
            I will keep you updated.

        • Lior

          Hey Jan,

          Lior here, Founder of ScopeLeads.

          Feel free to email support@scoperush.com with your Swedish keywords and we’ll do a test for you to make sure!

  • Alex Grätzner

    Hi John,

    I want to ask you if the software is working in german language with german keywords. I´m here in Vienna Austria. My basic keywords are:
    goldankauf wien
    gold verkaufen wien
    gebrauchte büromöbel
    gebrauchte büromöbel wien
    Pleas give me a short info if that works in german.

    Thank you very much in advance!


    • Hi Alex, here is my video reply:

      • Alex Grätzner

        Hi John, thank you very much for your genious reply!

        The results for “gebrauchte büromöbel” are very low.
        6 results or so. That is very low.

        Do we have to wait longer for the complete search process?
        It´s shure very less. The market here is hard in this niche.
        The gold results are okay I think.

        Could you be so nice and try one time
        gebrauchte büromöbel

        or / and

        gebrauchte bueromoebel (for the ö wie use oe) and please
        bueromobel gebraucht wien

        Please be so nice John.

        And a last question please.
        The bonus course is included if I purchase here via your

        affiliate link?

        Thank you so much for your work!

        Kindly regards

        • Yes, I include my client SEO course and here is my 2nd video: https://cl.ly/1R3r3P3X3T2n

          • Alex Grätzner

            Thank you very much John! I can test it for 30 days, is this correct. Must check the complete software by myself to check all possibilities. But, thank you very much for the first. Yor affiliate-link is the link above, is that right?
            I’m really looking forward to your course, I’m curious.
            One question more please:
            Is the OTO2 with the 16 email templates recommended – that’s really good?
            Can you really recommend buying this?
            Thanks for all your infos.
            Kindly regards – Alex

          • Yes, I believe you can test it out. My affiliate link is http://www.noshameincome.com/scopeleads

            I actually never checked out the template emails but sounds like it could be really helpful for prospecting.

          • Alex Grätzner

            Thank you John, sorry for the late reply. Have been on a business trip. Returned just now. Will all check now and make the next steps by myself. Thanks once again. Kindly regards – Alex