Leadz.io Review – Generate Leads With Twitter?

leadz.io review

What Is The Product?

Leadz.io is a cloud based software that enables you to quickly find Twitter users based on keywords you specify. You can use the software to build relationships with other Twitter users with the leadz.io reviewend goal of turning them into a lead for anything you want. In a nutshell it’s a CRM for Twitter that allows you to nurture relationships with other Twitter users.

Leadz.io Review

Overall this software is definitely bringing something new to the table. It’s not some “auto-pilot” software but rather a tool that’s going to allow you to quickly and easily find targeted Twitter users. You can search for keywords based on any given niche, follow up to 50 users per day and then interact with those users very easily within the software.

Think of it more as a relationship tool that will allow you to easily keep track of how much you’ve interacted with different people you are following. Once you’ve established a relationship it’s going to be a lot easier to invite people to checkout your product or service.

leadz.io dashboard

In my case let’s say I have a free eBook I’m giving away about SEO. I can use Leadz.io to find people tweeting about ‘SEO’, follow them on Twitter and then use the software to track my interaction with those users overtime. As I use the built in ‘CRM’ of sorts I can eventually ask the users to check out my free eBook which in turn will get them on my email list and eventually get my paid products in front of them.

They give you a full step by step process to interact with everyone whom you’ve followed. You can start the relationship by liking tweet’s, retweeting, replying and mentioning the user. As you take these actions the Leadz.io dashboard will keep track of this for you:

leadz.io follow up

Check out my video review and walk through of the members area here:

What I Like About Leadz.io

The software was very easy to setup, after creating a custom Twitter application I was generating “leads” within a few minutes. The software is not intended to be some sort of “magic bullet” for generating leads but it’s definitely something that if used on a daily basis could help a lot of people build some solid relationships and at the same time turn those relationships into highly qualified leads. 

The software is easy to use, unique and the tutorials for setup were very straight forward. I plan on using this for my own business.

What I Didn’t Like About Leadz.io

I had a little bit of any issue initially getting the application to pull users from Twitter but it was very quick to get going once everything was connected properly. Overall there was not a lot I didn’t like about this software! It’s easy to use, makes no crazy promises and does exactly what it says it will do! It’s going to help you build some solid relationships, track them all in one place and help you turn them into leads for your business.

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