Growii Review: Turn Blog Posts Into Profits?

What Is The Product?

Growii is a membership site with 4 modules that walk you through a method of promoting blog posts to monetize with ad networks such as Google Adsense. The system walks you through step by step how to setup a niche based website and start publishing blog posts that generate traffic which in turn will earn you some extra income. You can monetize these through the Amazon affiliate program or otherwise. 

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Growii Review

Overall this product is a solid system for those that are interested in building a niche or authority website around a specific topic. In Stefan’s case he chose the dog niche and built a large social media following around this.

He shows you how to setup everything you need including your website/blog, social media channels and more. He then walks you through creating content, curating that content and how you can publish blog posts weekly and monetize them through various methods.

Check out my video review and walk through of the members area here:

What I Like About Growii

Stefan is actually doing what he teaches. He shows a real live example of his own personal site and what’s working for him. You can go to the website yourself and see exactly what’s working for him.

The system will take some time to implement and is ideally a “long term” play in terms of making money. If you are passionate about a specific niche (Stefan chose the dog niche) this is a product worth looking at.

What I Didn’t Like About Growii

The product is very similar to Stefan’s Rapid Traffic Masterclass course. The main differences with Growii is that is focuses more on blog posts and curation vs. using Pinterest as a sole method to generate traffic. It also focuses on other methods on monetization (some of which I was not even aware of).

Growii Bonus – Launch Jacking Case Study

If you pickup Growii through me I’m going to throw in a bonus video course showing you how I use “launch jacking” to rank products on Google prior to when they launch and earn commissions as an affiliate.

Check out this video here for all the details on the bonus:

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