ConvertKit Review For 2017 – Email Marketing For Bloggers?

What Is The Product?

convertkit review

ConvertKit is an all-in-one email marketing solution targeted towards bloggers. Email marketing is nothing new and has been around for years. This particular platform really hit the scene pretty hard when it came out and a lot of big name marketers switched over to them. People like Pat Flynn of even started using them.

ConvertKit Review

Overall the ConvertKit platform offers everything you could want in an email marketing solution. You can import email subscribers, track performance across campaigns, build forms for collecting emails, setup automations, segment by tags or forms and much more. The pricing is very reasonable starting at $29/month for up to 1k subscribers.

In comparison to other similarly priced products such as Aweber and GetResponse, my favorite is currently ConvertKit due to the features and interface.

I put together a 10 minute video review as I walk you through the platform and share how it works:

What I Like About ConvertKit

The platform is very easy to use. I have not had many issues where I’ve run into any features or functionality I wasn’t able to figure out on my own. I also did email them initially and they got on a Skype call with me to discuss any questions I had which was very helpful. I emailed support one other time and got an answer within a short time span.

I’ve never had any issues with speed or not being able to get promotional emails out on time for product launches so reliability has been very good. The automations are simple to setup and don’t require you to spend hours going through training documentation or videos just to use a feature.

What I Don’t Like About ConvertKit

I wish I could see better specific reporting on emails sent through my sequences that I’ve setup. The general reporting is good but I can’t visibility see WHO actually interacted on that sequence, only the basic stats just as opens, clicks etc.

Initially I also had some trouble filtering out people who simply don’t open emails and engage with my email broadcasts. I wanted a way to remove them and they had no real solution for this for a while. I was given a simple ‘work around’ by sending an email out to the inactive subscribers. If they click I was able to use automation features to keep them subscribed which was a fair work around.

Overall the cost is a bit higher than other competitors at similar price points, although when compared to say Infusionsoft you are going to have a solid solution at a MUCH cheaper rate.

Final Thoughts & Bonus

Would I recommend ConvertKit? Yes, most definitely. I have no major issues holding me back from giving them my recommendation. One future feature I’d like to see is how I can start tracking my ROI through sequences based on my product sales. This is something up and comers are starting to provide.

You can also checkout my free ConvertKit course on Udemy here.

If you decide to sign up for ConvertKit through me (yes, that’s an affiliate link) I will throw in a bonus course on how I earn with affiliate marketing. This is a perfect combo for those looking to get started with email marketing and selling products as an affiliate.



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